Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Separated at Ugly

Has anyone else noticed how much Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera and South of Nowhere’s Mandy Musgrave look alike? Seriously, they could be sisters. Or, like they are in my head, girlfriends who have begun the slow yet inevitable transformation into each other. And, I am completely coveting America’s “Be Ugly” shirt (even though the logo looks suspiciously like another great woman in TV history...God, anyone else have a crush on Jane?) I digress. Join the Be Ugly in 2007 campaign here. Yes, I know it's just a clever marketing ploy. But I’m a sucker for a gal in glasses.


Punk Girl said...

It's great to see that people are trying to avoid making African Children a fad by ensuring a detour in Ugly Betty and the Be Ugly campaign.

If we could all get on board and make this the fad of the year, then perhaps an African Child can be saved the humiliation of having a designer handbag as it's mode of transport.

LN James said...

I don't mind going to hell in that designer handbag, but my love for all things SoN is no secret. It's all yummy goodness wrapped up in pretty packages. But I digress..

(ps. Perhaps you would appreciate that the word verification I had to type in for this comment is this: wtitmn. Dirty!)