Thursday, January 04, 2007

An L Word music moment

I must say, while I hate “The L Word” theme (which, much to my continued chagrin, is still that damn Betty song), I am loving the other music of season 4. A sampling of some of my favorites so far that aren’t on any of the current soundtracks:

They’re even better when heard in context. But a good song is a good song, no? Enjoy.

*NOTE: I believe “Fuck the Pain Away” is being covered by another artist, but I'm not sure who yet. And, on second listen, ditto for “Save Me.”

*NOTE II: Wow, I was so wrong. The song I thought was a Peaches cover was really nothing of the sort. It was The Cliks original “Complicated.” My bad, my apologies. All these songs about fucking the pain away, a gal can get confused.


Anonymous said...

I've progammed my TIVO remote to fast-forward the exact length of the theme song. Ah, the miracle of technology.

gulpie said...

welcome back! (a bit late, i know)