Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do

So, what the fuck has happened to Lucy Liu’s career? I mean it. What’s up? She is talented. She is beautiful. You could slice deli meat on her cheekbones. But her appearance in “Code Name: The Cleaner” alongside Cedric the Entertainer and Nicollette Sheridan raises significant concern. As does the film’s release date the first weekend in January, the weekend bad movies go to die a quick, silent death. Looking at Lucy’s resume, we see an equally disturbing trend. In fact, she hasn’t made a good film since 2003’s “Kill Bill.” Now, this could be due to the lack of quality roles for Asian-American actresses . Or it could be due to a series of bad script choices. Whatever the reason, I say it’s time for some serious career resuscitation. Someone with freckles like this can’t continue to make schlock like this.

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claudia said...

no good movies since 2003? did you see Lucky Number Slevin (2006)? that's a terrific movie. 3 Needles (2006/2007) is damn promising as well with a good and important message. she's just going indie, that's all.
I haven't seen code name: the cleaner but I have to say it doesn't look good.

she's been getting involved in producing movies rather can acting in them now, too.

I think you got some readin' to do.