Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great Dame

CLICK TO ENLARGE THAT INKAs if you needed more convincing, here is yet another reason to love Helen Mirren. Check out the kick-ass tattoo on her left hand. The ink is a remnant from her rebellious past in the London theater. But just cause she is a dame now, don’t think she has left her bad girl days behind. The Hollywood Reporter informs us that after winning her first Golden Globe of the evening, Helen got a little naughty talking about what it means to be an Essex girl:

“You know when an Essex girl has an orgasm, she drops her fries.” She stayed frisky when talking about her Oscar chances. “I’ve never had an ‘O.’ They said the earth moves. I can’t wait. I’ll definitely drop my fries for that.”
A dame with a tattoo and a blue streak? God save the queen.


Anonymous said...

If the 'Essex Girl' references seem rather obscure:

HM is an Essex Girl by birth and schooling:

And yes, I'm an Essex Girl

t in la said...

i'm so glad to know that i'm not alone in my adoration of all things Helen!!!

she rocks and i'd love to have cocktails with her someday...

Anonymous said...

And she was on The Craig Ferguson Late Show talking about nudity, and encouraging the audience to get naked!

She's a riot! LOVE HER :)