Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Annie Hall this

CLICK to respect and ogle your eldersWhile I think her new movie looks – how should I say this nicely – pretty bad, Diane Keaton looks – how should I say this nicely – smoking hot. Look at her working those jeans and that simple white shirt on the red carpet for “Because I Said So.” Damn. She outshines her shiny co-stars/faux daughters Mandy Moore and Piper Perabo with ease. And grace. And, sweet fancy Moses, have I mentioned that Diane Keaton looks hot?


Gender Blank said...

Diane Keaton is amazing and has been at the top of my hotlist for several years now. Yowza! I will sit through a bad movie for that!

Eugenie said...

I was never a fan of Ms. Keaton before, and I have no interest in the new film, but I have to say she's looking surprisingly elegant and lovely in the promo I've been seeing for it, and I'd be interested in seeing her get a role in a picture worthy of her...she's grown more attractive and interesting through the years. Extra points for the black nail polish.