Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Vacation Vixen: Happiest Season

Fuck, it’s September already? That means in like a month – if that – we’ll start seeing Christmas and holiday junk in the stores. And then another year will have passed. And then time and its relentless march will just keep marching. Right, sorry, where was I. Oh, yes, the pits of too-early holiday despair. Well one thing I don’t despair about is a planned annual rewatch of “The Happiest Season.” Now, just like life, the movie wasn’t perfect. Yes, I know, it was about coming about again. But, thinking back even 10 years ago, the thought of having such a high-profile out actress in such a high-profile out role in a freaking holiday movie about lesbians seemed inconceivable. Also 10 years ago we couldn’t get married. Anyway, happy September!


Helena said...

Yes absolutely this is a movie to enjoy and celebrate. Happy September Dorothy, here in South Africa we celebrate today as the start of Spring.

Carmen San Diego said...

I don’t think people should have been so hard on that movie, it wasn’t bad but oh well