Monday, September 13, 2021

Music Monday: Doja Cat (& That Chime) Edition

If you’re A Gay and been on TikTok this year, you probably have an instinctual Pavlovian response to that little chime sound. You know the one, the singular chime in Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA. So as soon as that chime goes (at about 2:47 in the official video above) there goes our wrists. That little chime in “Kiss Me More” has become a universal symbol for Queerness, and a short (and limp) handed way to quickly out yourself to those around you.

Honestly, as A Gay, but also An Old, I mostly knew the song through the brief, specific snippets shared on Gay TikTok. Still I’ve found myself unconsciously doing the limp wrist along with the chime whenever the song comes on in the car. Sure, it’s a cute trend, but it’s also a bold reclaiming of a gesture once meant to degrade our community. Which, truly, feels great. Just like how we took back “Queer,” the limp wrist is ours. We’ve taken a smear and turned it into a joyous declaration of self. So, get those wrists ready. Here come the chime. Happy Monday, kittens.


Erin O'Riordan said...

The whole song is irresistibly catchy.

Anonymous said...

My wife was in the military years ago. As she was getting checked in to her deployment overseas, a higher up said, 'Don't I know you?' she said, "I don't think so.' Then he shot her the limp wrist, and said again, 'I'm sure we've met' Her response was, 'oh, yes, of course. I remember you now.' He then set her up with the established queer community on base. :)