Friday, September 10, 2021

Pre-L: Love Shack (206)

If the title doesn’t give it away, this is the episode some of this season’s long-telegraphed couples finally come into focus – some into very, very close focus indeed. (Sex, kittens, I’m talking about sex.) While the show has boardered on musical chairs with some of its friendship/benefits/more than benefits pairings a bit this season, it’s always fun to watch them move to the music – so to speak. So start the music, we’ve got some chairs to arrange.

1) Make it a drinking game and try to keep up. I dare you.

2) When the music stops and there’s definitely more than one chair missing.
3) Whodathunk these two would be the most unlucky in love so far this season, eh?
4) Like, damn, that was so cold I bet Gigi wishes she wore the whole sweater.
5) And drink! Like, probably a couple drinks to be honest.
6) And, again, drink! I did try to warn you.
7) Admittedly, when the puppy is happy it’s hard not to want to pet their cute lil head.
8) I just don’t know. Like, I like them both. But, yeah, I don’t know.
9) This, on the other hand, I definitely don’t hate.
10) Nor this, but more still as friends because, again, Shane plus doggy is my OTP.
11) No comment.
12) All the comments.
13) When you experience that “Smack My Ass Like a Drum” meme in real life.

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