Thursday, September 16, 2021

Let ‘Em Fly

I’m a longtime Evan Rachel Wood fan. Like, “Thirteen” is still a legit great movie. And I’m old enough to fondly remember her as Jessie in “Once and Again.” Yeah, that was 20 years ago. Two decades later she is still bringing her talent, bravery and nuance to roles. That several of those roles have explored queer issues, coming of age and sexuality makes it all the better. And, again, if you haven’t watched “Kajillionaire” yet — OMG, stop reading right now and go watch it. So odd and so wonderful and so unexpected and so even more unexpectedly sexy.

Late last month, ERW made another bold and unequivocal statement about her thoughts on the attempted rehabilitation efforts of her ex and abuser Marilyn Manson. Kanye — possibly the only person who could make me feel sympathetic toward a Kardashian because, whew, no one should be married to this dude — brought Manson on stage with him recently because two gross things should be gross together, I guess. Naturally Evan — and hopefully every sane person who is outraged by the continuing plague of sexual assault and harassment perpetuated by the seemingly endless number of Bad Men in the world — let her feelings be known while on stage in a nonverbal but unequivocal way. While singing the New Radicals’s “You Get What You Give” she let the middle finger fly to Manson — and one would think all men who are finally facing a reckoning thanks to the #MeToo Movement, and those who have yet to pay for their transgressions as well. It’s truly the only appropriate salute for them. So raise ‘em high with Evan (the bird flies at 4:40). Because seriously, fuck that guy

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Carmen San Diego said...

Love her and miss her soft butch look