Thursday, September 09, 2021

The Happy Queer Couple

Look, I know this is basically old news. But I was on vacation. So congratulations Jacqueline Toboni for proposing (and getting a yes) from Kassandra Clementi! Mazel, queer ladies, mazel. And also I just want to say how cool it is for young queers growing up (and us older folk) to see the out queer stars of today be so out and queer and just joyfully gay in public. When “The L Word” premiered in 2004, only one of its regular cast members was out. (Love you, Leisha, the O.G.) But, just like with the Olympics, the days of the nudge-nudge, wink-wink knowing a star’s orientation while they weren’t publically out yet are also quietly fading away. Congratulations, Jacqueline and Kassandra. Now, just neither of you show up at your wedding ceremony in ripped jeans and a backwards ball cap and you are sure to enjoy a lifetime of happiness together.

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Carmen San Diego said...

They’re Adorable
Congratulations lesbians!