Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Last Picture Show

OK, yes, so it’s one of those kind of weeks. But, good news, they’ve released new promo photos from “The L Word: Generation Q” season finale. And, as you can see, looks like we’re finally gonna get that Bette-Tina-Carrie tête-à-tête-à-tête – since there are three of them after all. Plus, do I sense an intervention? Finley is conspicuously absent from the big group sitting on the couch and looking concerned happening. Anyway, leave your best guesses about what’s going to go down in the comments. Since every telegraphed couple has reached their final destination (i.e. hooking up) the final reveals seem like they’ll be about what stage of the relationship everyone will end up in: married, doing it all over the house, on a break, on a permanent break. Oh, the possibilities when you’re those girls in tight dresses who drag with moustaches.

Those faces say, fuck, how did I end up on an episode of “Intervention?”

Behold the hand of concern on shoulder as evidence of the above.
Plus, this is the only shot of Finley for the episode. It’s either an intervention or she has joined the cast of “Only Murders in the Building” to replace tie-dye hoodie guy.
The only thing I feel confident in guessing is that this won’t be the show’s next thruple.
Nor this one. But couple? DEFINITELY. (I see you hand holding.)
Heart-to-heart in kitchen ware stores are always the deepest.
Are they gonna make Alice do the running-through-the-airport-getting-on-a-plane thing for Tom? Or is this the start of one of those anti-mask viral videos on airplanes?
Again, not another thruple.
This one’s for the Tibetters.
p.s. This is what has contributed to it being one of those kind of weeks. Sigh.

p.p.s. To make up for my lateness this week, Pre-L will be a full day early and post tomorrow morning. Please accept my screencap mea culpa.


citizen spot said...

Sorry to hear your pup had an accident. Glad to hear said pup is on the way to recovery with all the toe bits.

Carmen San Diego said...

Hope the doggy is feeling better DS