Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pre-L: Last Dance (209)

Well, well, well. The more things change, the more we have another happening at the CAC. Yes, we get a callback to turmoil at Bette’s beloved California Art Center. (Remember Season 1, Episode 13 “Locked Up?” That prison wall sure does.) But instead of a bunch of anti-gay protestors it’s a bunch of artists. And this time no one gets arrested and then had adulterous prison wall sex. I consider that growth.

1) I think Team Artist had a bigger turnout than Team Homophobe. As it should be.

2) I get the birth father storyline, I do. But part of it also feels like a mea culpa for the show’s many, many past continuity sins. But, hey, at least it brings Tibette together.
3) Is she serving Dani’s berries? Because that’s some real “Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry”-shit right there.
4) No matter what I think of this storyline, it’s amazing that kids get to go with their same-sex partners to prom now. Plus, tux game strong, Angie. Respect.
5) Great, does this mean we’re all required to drink Heineken now? How did I miss that lesbian memo?
6) Remember when they had parties with gay pot brownies instead of polite bougie crudité?
7) Look, coming out as a straight couple can be hard. It’s OK. We accept you. (Yes, of course, I know he’s still queer.)
8) Like are the Shipping Wars still a thing? Because this moment was made for them.
9) Gay Aunts are the best, and I speak from experience as a very gay aunt.
10) That moment you realize you’re dating a Bette Porter Jr.
11) Like, never go on “The Price Is Right,” girl. You seem to pick the worst doors possible.
12) This show’s track record with hospitals scenes is, uh, not the greatest.


Helena said...

Dorothy , I can highly recommend relaxing with a Heineken while watching a soccer match.

Carmen San Diego said...

I fondly remember adulterous prison wall sex. I think it’s something everyone that has seen this show remembers