Friday, September 17, 2021

Pre-L: Light (207)

Well, well, well. Has the hook-up carousel from last week stopped yet? Nope, I can still hear the music. So buckle up and let’s see where the musical chairs stop this week. Hint: If you’re betting on whether folks will snog, I’d take that bet.

1) Ah, the We-Can’t-Keep-Our-Hands-(And-Other-Stuff)-Off-Each-Other Phase.

2) And then there’s the We-Can’t-Keep-Our-Hands-(And-Other-Stuff)-Off-Each-Other Phase Version 2.0
3) I truly appreciate Finley’s commitment to that one sports bra every lesbian owns.
4) Is that hot sauce a metaphor? I think that hot sauce is a metaphor.
5) When the O.G. soft/andro butch of the show has some thoughts on your suit.
6) The meta lesbian talk show host jokes, I don’t hate ‘em.
7) I did not go to prom, nor do I fully understand promposals, but – fine – that was sweet.
8) Look, I’d hate it too if Bette Porter was my fiancée’s ex.
9) Exes and currents making awkward all over the place, what is this a lesbian bar?
10) Is there a shipper name yet? Pette? Bippa? Ugh, I’m out of practice.
11) On that same note, how about Gini in Bottle? What, I said I was out of practice.
12) Beam me up, lesbians.
13) While we’re talking about lesbian bras, I have never owned one this fancy. Ever.
14) Well, I mean, if everyone’s doing it.
15) When it’s definitely not bisexual lighting - again.


Helena said...

This is wonderful , thank you spreading the joy. And nobody cares but Pippa is my big crush.

Anonymous said...

What's Happening?! Has the L Word been canceled? What other reason could there be for our Miss Porter to FINALLY get with an African American woman?

Sure Bette was with that woman she cheated with, but that actress (Ion Overman) is biracial. The new woman isn't.

Carmen San Diego said...

Yup, I have that one sports bra
I have it in 3 different colors in fact