Tuesday, September 28, 2021

More Sex, and Gillian

Well, blimey. I haven’t even started season 3 of “Sex Education” and Netflix already renewed it for a season 4. So, you know, that’s good news. I’ve heard good things about the third season, like it’s a return to form (and sex talk stuff). So I’m excited to start even if I’m woefully behind. But – for those who have watched already – I certainly hope the very brief glimpses of Gillian Anderson we see in the trailer as our favorite sex-positive therapist Dr. Jean Milburn aren’t indicative of how much screen time she’s getting this season. Like I love the addition of Jemima Kirke (though the anti-sex, strict headmistress thing is a little hm), but I LOVE Gillian. She also wasn’t in the teaser, so you know – a gay gal worries.


Anonymous said...

Don’t worry, there is plenty of Jean in season three.

Elana said...

Don't worry. There are GREAT storylines- including Jean. It is a fantastic season!!