Thursday, February 20, 2014

You old battle axe, you

Dude, I was totally right about Lauren’s Magical Vagina necklace. “Lost Girl” showrunner and all-around lovely Canadian writer lady has confirmed that the gift Lauren gave to Bo was, indeed, a symbolic snatch. Essentially.

My “Lost Girl” finale recap made light of the necklace’s, um, anatomical similarities. And I guote:

“Before going to save her lady, Bo makes a quick pit stop to accessorize. She pauses to put on Lauren’s gift. It’s the necklace she found hidden in Lauren’s apartment. The necklace that looks an awful lot like, OK–I’m just going to say it, it looks like a vagina. Oh my freaking God, Lauren gave Bo a necklace of her Magical Vagina.”
Clearly, someone has been shopping at the Georgia O’Keeffe Collection.

Well, the good news is it’s a symbolic vagina of shorts, because as Emily tweeted out, it is a labrys. Yes, a labrys, like the ancient Greek symbol for an axe and feminist symbol for female power and the lesbian symbol for, “Dude, I’m totally into chicks.” I mean, it’s the axe tattoo Violet admired on Corky’s arm in “Bound.” Come on.

Fine, so it wasn’t “technically” ladybits. But metaphorically. Yeah.

Though, for an axe those are really elongated labia blades. Ahem.


imadreamer said...

I'd like to look at it closer...And they'd better allow purchase from anywhere in the world (contrary to their videos :/) if they don't want a boycott. :p
And on another note, how hot Anna looks like in this pic!? Black leather, ponytail and this eyeliner...damn. Too bad she's straight (and accessory married) cause she's totaly my type: humble, kind, funny, not a "skeleton" and brunette! :-)

Ms Snarker, I hope your packing and moving is going wright and you'll can stay way longer in your next flat. Moving sucks.

Anonymous said...

i miss the bo that we met in season one first episode. the opening scene that bo was bartending and then rescued kenzi in the elevator. the way anna silk played it was so sexy and dangerous, made we fall in love with bo right away. so it's really sad and diffcult to watch how bo has been turned into over promise under deliver dumbass in the last few seasons.

Sarah said...

Generally women's love the jewelry...that too they like necklace....good post by you..