Friday, February 14, 2014

My (Lost) Weekend Crush

Right, so what the actual fuck is happening on “Lost Girl” this season? This week’s episode was confusing on many levels. There was so much plot and so little making sense. But mostly, I was annoyed how much of the storyline this season revolved around brand new characters who we have little to no (or, to be honest, negative) emotional investment in. How are we supposed to care about Bo’s sacrifices for Rainer, if we all hate Rainer? He truly is the Warlow of “Lost Girl.” (Check out my full recap of episode 4.12 over at AfterEllen to fully understand the extent of my mass confusion.)

I have enjoyed many things about this season, particularly its penchant for making every crackship dreamed up in fandoms most feverish dreams come to life on screen. ( Really, really enjoyed Lauren in that nightie, too. Really, really much.) But the logic holes we’re left with with only one episode to patch them is perplexing, at best. Not to be cruel, but this is a show with a somewhat spotty record on its season finales. Remember the Dawning Yawning? Probably best we all don’t.

Still, I dream the impossible dream that everything will make sense after Sunday night’s finale. Maybe they’ll pull this big crazy train into the station and we’ll all be like, “Oh, that’s where it was going.” And if that is asking too much, all I really want from the finale is for Rainer to die. What can I say, I am a gay lady, so I just hate BoNer. Now lady boners, that is something all together different. Happy Weekend, all.


Tristen said...

Dr Lauren Lewis. I Claim Her Since Bo Won't !!!

maya said...


Kim said...

Remember when this show use to be good? Or, well... better? What happen? Other then throwing the show's creator, M.A. Lovretta, under a bus? After the show became a ratings success, you'd think they would have put a little of that money into hiring real writers. And investing in some half decent special effects. Oh, well... Bring on Orphan Black!

Anonymous said...

lauren says: i'm yours. bo doesn't even respond to that? wtf!!! bo is so disappointing in every sense, i actually feel bad for anna silk.