Friday, February 21, 2014

My Weekend Crush

The world can really wear you down out some days. But then we catch a glimpse of beauty and, if even for only a moment, everything is lifted. So please enjoy these romanticized images of LGBT love, shot by out photographer Braden Summers. The photos, which are dramatized images of couples (many of them models, some real), depicting love across six countries. The All Love Is Equal traveled to Paris, India, Lebanon, South Africa, Brazil, and the US to shoot the photos. And as Summers told Buzzfeed her was inspired by the standard romanticized images of couples we see everyday, all which generally featured exclusively straight couples.

“The work is meant to speak to a large audience, it should be reminiscent of the highly-produced romance images that we are fed on a daily basis.”
So, please enjoy a little beauty this Friday. May it lift you where you need to go today. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos
Thanks for sharing DS

Solo said...

Saw it the other day and was left speechless !!!! Such an amazing idea and project !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for the info.