Wednesday, February 12, 2014

28 Reasons

One of the most powerful and transformative human emotions – besides love and that little adorable hot head, anger – is humor. To laugh, in the face of whatever adversity faces us is a way to exert power over all that vexes, tests, burdens and otherwise pisses us the fuck off. In the United States, our racial history has been one pocked – screw that, cratered – with inequality, brutality and good old-fashioned hate. So during this Black History Month, besides appreciation, acknowledgment, atonement, et al I encourage everyone to laugh. Not at our often ugly history and too often tense racial relations today, but with or common understanding that even in 2014 we’ve got a long way to go, baby. Also, Jesus fuck, this skit is funny. And, it features Sasheer Zamata – the first black female SNL cast member in six years. I want Sasheer and Kate McKinnon in all the sketches. ALL THE SKETCHES.


Althena said...

She was barely in this skit. Can anybody say prop?

egghead said...

Prop? Give her time. Kate was a prop for a while I'm thinkin'.

Okay, white guilt is funnnnny. :D Who knew? Thanks for posting this, I missed it. This is what pisses off the bigots big time. Their heads explode. They get out their guns and spray all their hate ever which way they can, especially in Florida with their idiot stand your ground laws. I am so glad these white good ole boys will die off soon. Extinct.