Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Music Monday

Here in the states, today is Memorial Day. It’s a day traditionally seen as the start of summer and a perfect time to engage in a little hot grill-on-grill action. And you can’t grill without a) beer and b) music. So kick back, crack open a cold one, tip your hat to those who have served, and enjoy this joyful noise. Good thing it’s a holiday, too. Since some of this noise is a tad NSFW.

La Roux, “I’m Not Your Toy”

Elly Jackson’s pompadour rivals Janelle Monáe in sheer architectural audacity. Also, how is she not gay?

Hunter Valentine, “The Stalker”

Now, on the other hand, Hunter Valentine lead singer Kiyomi McCloskey is gay. I think the term you’re searching for is lesbothrob.

Goldfrapp, “Alive”

Let’s get physical, with vampires and Satanists. Naturally.

Metric, “Stadium Love”

So this video is not approved by PETA. I could do without the gruesome slo-mo National Geographic footage. But the song is good. Basically look away whenever Emily Haines isn’t on screen.

Rihanna, “Te Amo”

Rihanna frolics with Laeticia Casta in a Parisian castle. Or, as I call it, just another Monday.

Complicated Universal Cum, “I Can’t Hardly Wait”

Girls kissing. Yes, it’s that simple.

Happy Memorial Day, all.


sorenson said...

oh yay! Finally a post that includes the divine Elly Jackson from La Roux. Despite that post that you linked to, she actually has never explicitly said that she isn't gay. In a more recent interview, she said this: “I have very strong views of gender and androgyny. I kind of never really felt or wanted to belong to either gender. I love aspects of the way boys behave and move and dress and I love aspects of the way women are. I can’t explain it; it’s this very specific thing that probably makes sense to me but not on paper. I suppose there’s been an element of, I don’t really feel like either gender and don’t really want to. I can be attracted to anyone, it doesn’t make any difference. I can be in love with anyone. There’s a massive majority of people that feel the same way. Some people don’t feel gay or straight. I don’t feel like I belong to a group and I never will.” So not identifying with old school definition of gay perhaps, but definitely queer!

Sof said...

HOORAY METRIC. God, that video is so excellent - they're also releasing a behind-the-scenes video in three parts - here's the first one for any Metric fans: xxx

Anonymous said...

Ummm, not to criticize at all, but perhaps you could add that Memorial Day in the US is *first* in memory of those who have given their lives for us. And *then* it's the start of summer!

Anonymous said...

dear, it's 4:13 long!
in the morning!

i think the first singer looks like fashion magazine style, I like the style shoo cream hair style but not
a fan of her voice it's too thin.

and the les vocal singer, her music feel listenable but
the visual is too not polished. she can build it more
appealable way than just like that.

and the german? indian music? who is single repeated words, I don't know the meaning, is she
singing i love you? i don't get the meaning but
the music sounds sellable. not a fan of the visual
it's almost be the line in between annoying and tolerable. because of the slow motion, I think
they use it to appeal sexy. red right, i get that,
but just try more creative than, you know.

thanks for the posting!
i watched yesterday miss usa, and the person who
I thought the best was gone at the second place,
what a disappoint moment. and then,
i can't believe the view point about beauty among
me and the ameris like that different.

miss pa was the best handsome girl.
and maybe oklahoma?
but i agree the miss usa looks smart in some sense.

Penny Cillin said...

The last video was UH-MAZING! Nothing like a little make out session to get your day started. Of course, my mind will now be in the gutter all day long...

MJ said...

I second Penny! I'll even be brave enough to admit that I watched it twice and I don't feel guilty. ha!

Anonymous said...

I watched the last one twice too -- and I don't feel guilty either!

I love brunettes. The one in the video will distract me for the rest of the week.