Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Celebrate Cinco

Happy Cinco de Gayo! I think we should start celebrating this every year. I mean, we already love margaritas, so really it’s not even a stretch. And if a closeted celebrity wants to come out on this day, I say that in addition to the standard-issue welcome gift of a toast oven we give her a margarita maker as a bonus. It only seems fair. That means Chely Wright and the other mystery (at least until 9am) country singer coming out today* should stock up on ice and tequila, because it’s time to salt some rims. Wow, that sounded unintentionally dirty. Sweet. Welcome to the family, ladies. In honor of this new national gayday, let’s revel in the very best thing about being a lesbian: kissing girls.

My Top 5 Movie Kisses:

5. Gia and Linda, “Gia”

What’s so fantastic about this through-the-fence kiss is not necessarily the kiss. And, surprisingly, it’s not the nakedness. It’s the way Angelina lunges toward Elizabeth, like a hungry animal.

4. Megan and Graham, “But I’m a Cheerleader”

Mostly just because I too have had sweet, sweet dreams of kissing Clea DuVall.

3. Vivian and Cay, “Desert Hearts”

This kiss single-handedly made me rethink my opinion of rain.

2. Rachel and Luce, “Imagine Me & You”

Lena Headey and a bed of roses. Piper Perabo must have been very good in a past life.

1. Camille and Petra, “When Night is Falling”

This kiss proves that not all kisses need to be on the lips to count.

And since this is my list, I get to cheat and add another. This kiss proves that they’re pretty damn good on the lips, too.

That flock of birds that takes off is serendipitous. And perfect.

So, show me yours. Best kisses, ladies – share some for Cinco.

* Curve proves once again that it suuuucks by teasing us and saying another country star was coming out today. But who was that country star: Chely Wright.


Patricia said...

For me? The most cute of all, full of teen angst and come to realizaton: "Once & Again - Episode ’The Gay-Straight Alliance’ - Mischa Barton & Evan Rachel Wood". They indeed kiss twice. Awwwnnnnn, *really* cute!

*** GayGirl *** said...

You're being a very, VERY bad girl, Snarker... THANK YOU! Oh yes indeed, this day will henceforth be known as Cinco de Gaymo. Case. Closed.

And I completely with you on the kisses - I will forever watch "Imagine Me & You" whenever I happen to come across it, and "When Night is Falling" always works for me.

But I will add these two:
1) "Loving Annabelle" - I thought I would have a problem with the student/teacher relationship, but I was all for it by the end of that movie.
2) "Gray Matters" - now, before anyone gets all rowdy on me, because they're not both gay, you need to watch their (pretty long and intense)) kiss and tell me it doesn't make your temperature rise considerably... ;o)

- GG

G Funk said...

Thank you Ms. Snarker for reminding me that I need to buy "When Night is Falling" on DVD.

Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorites is Pepa & Silvia's (from Spanish show Los Hombres Del Paco) first kiss. It was magnificent. Also, the first kiss of Nan and Kitty from Tipping the Velvet (oh God, is there anything hotter then Keely Hawes in tux?)

Norma Desmond said...

I always love Aimee & Jaguar... even though, you know, Nazis don't make for the happiest of times.

Also, Elizabeth Mitchell's performance in Gia pretty much assured I would be a fan (and in love with her) for life.

Sof said...

Willow & Tara! At the very end of the episode entitled 'Entropy' (yay, alliteration!) where Tara shows up in Willow's room and does that whole speech about how it takes time, and it's a very important process, and, and can't we just skip that process and can't you just be kissing me now?! Oh, Amber.

Kristin said...

I think Piper was the lucky one. I don't get why people think she was the lucky one, or good in a past life, like she is a dog or something lol.

*** GayGirl *** said...

CURVE SUCKS!!! Here I was all ready at 9AM PST and their big mystery was the story that broke a few days ago.

I've been looking all over the Lesbi-blogs for someone to comment on it - figured you'd be the first, and now you were. ;o)

scully said...

How could you leave out the kiss between Betty and Rita from Mulholland Dr.? I finally saw that movie last night, and that kiss was incredibly hot.

kranARI said...


Surprisingly the kissing/love scene in "Loving Annabelle" didn't turn me off. Quite the opposite :p

but kissing Lena Heady must make time stop.
xxxx Happy Cinco de Gayo

Anonymous said...

I felt something you're excitingly laugh. :)

I will send you my warm kiss on
your cheek!

twice per second.
I mean speed.

want more faster?

thank for the post,
although I'm very not sure. woohoo~

Hannah said...

Both shows have some major problems, but here are two that get me every time:

When Bette takes Tina's hand, pulls her to her and kisses her in that club in the 5th season of the L Word, I think I stopped breathing. Then I rewound and said "Dayum!"

I still love Callie and Erica's kiss outside the hospital.

liz said...

I have to say the kiss between Randy Dean & Evie in The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love
is my favorite. Then I am a hopeless Laurel Holloman addict.

Anonymous said...

Love, love LOVE the "When Night is Falling" highlights.

Plus, 2 very big thumbs up for Mullholland Drive and that L Word kiss with Tiny and Bette. Sizzling hot.

Anonymous said...

Naomi and Emily from Skins. Every single kiss of theirs is brill.

Anonymous said...

sure wish Patricia Rozema would make more movies - WNIF tops my list for over the top romantic and sexy

betsey said...

Ha! It took me like 10 x watching that scene before I realized that there were any birds in it at all:) My thinking went a little like this: *watch for the birds, watch for birds, looking for birds* *what was she talking about, i dont see any birds* *whaaaaaa..........bir......oooooooooh* *wooooooow* *damn that was haaaaawt* *well, shoot, looks like i'll have to watch it again*

Anonymous said...

Mulholland drive watts & harring by far

R A R A said...

Luce and Rachel. Oh God! I am so in love with this movie!