Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gender Fuck Thursday

Beyoncé may have emphatically sung about going “to the left, to the left,” but today is all about the right. No, not the state of being correct or, banish the thought, the political affiliation. I’m talking about the actual physical direction. As in turn to your right. Your other right, Brittany. Hey, not all the themes are deep. But they are hot. So without further ado, all righty then.

Piper Perabo
Monica Bellucci
Dita Von Teese
Janelle Monáe
Tilda Swinton
Kelly Clarkson
Katharine Hepburn
Juliette LewisWell, there’s always a contrarian.

p.s. Hey, tumblesbians. I’m always extremely, extremely flattered when you post my pictures. But, if possible, please provide a link back. Consider it old-school reblogging. In keeping with today’s theme, it’s just the right thing to do. Merci buckets.


D said...
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D said...

Thanks for the lovely genderfuck moments, Ms. Snarker. And I'm surprised that appreciative and sharing lesbians don't ALWAYS link back to Dorothy Surrenders. Hey, gurls, that's as much basic manners as saying Please and Thank you.

Norma Desmond said...

How strange... I got up today feeling a little gender fucky myself. Also, I must thank you for the inclusion of a classic Hollywood gal... and lord knows I love me some Kate Hepburn. What an inspiration (I swear, we would not be able to wear pants today if it weren't for that woman).

Anonymous said...

"Your other right, Brittany." ROFLMAO!!! I love those little insiders you always put in the posts! Of course, I also love the posts themselves ^^ thanks!

Anonymous said...

sounds like french,
I like french fries.

is it from frnce?
the fries.

in the small part of the world,
tiny field in the art,
tiny tiny tiny even can't see
the tiny meaningless dots.

that humble...
that's where crazy people stay and bother others
for non of their business.

how great is that?

the meaningless human beings,
never face again forever.

Lulu said...

oh Piper Perabo rocks my socks off. and i think Tilda Swinton's hair made me die a little inside. in the absolute best freaking way possible. <3

nia said...

I have that picture of Kate in a 5'x7' poster. *squee* In my v. v. v. small house, it dominates the décor.

Hanna said...

Oh my, I've been wishing for a nice gender fuck Thursday the past few weeks. Thank you.

Also, you never get tired of that particular Swinton pic, do you? It's ok, neither do I.

Hannah said...

Sorry, I was mistaken in thinking you'd used that Tilda Swinton pic before. You haven't. I must have just seen it in other places and, well, it's stuck with me. Why wouldn't it?

Maria said...

I simply LOOOOOVE!!! that picture of Tilda Swinton! The hair, the hand, the mouth, the neck... Love her.

Vicky said...

dang tilda swinton

Penny Cillin said...

I LOVE Juliette Lewis. A lot. Like, *a lot* a lot.

Anonymous said...

No one of these chicks are in the same planet with Kate Hepburn. She was the real thing. Not posed for some photo shoot, nothing plastic or feigned like all of these other chicks. She just was who she was. A delicious natural.

I used to be an admirer of Swinton until she signed that godawful petition to save a child molester's ass from prison.

Anonymous said...


but Jennifer Beals is the Queen of miss het

Sophie said...

oh yuss! i'm so happy the Janelle Monae made the post. since i always go against the grain, i love her style through and through.

but hey, you don't have to be a lesbian to love androgynous attires :3 (example: me.)

hell, if i had the wardrobe and money, i would do it 24/7.