Friday, May 21, 2010

My Weekend Crush

So yesterday was one of those days. Work had me running around like that proverbial chicken with its equally proverbial (simmer down, PETA) head cut off. A rock flew up when the lawn guy was mowing and shattered the picture window in my living room. And my interpersonal relationships of almost all stripes were, to put it mildly, strained. You know, one of those days. So then, after a cocktail (or two, or three...) and an appropriate amount of time cursing the gods of fate, I decided to try a little music to soothe the savage beast that was my soul. But not just any music, new Janelle Monáe music.

If by chance you haven’t heard of Janelle Monáe, then it is my distinct privilege to introduce her to you. And if you have heard of her already, can I get an “Amen!” The magnificent Ms. Monáe released her major label debut, “The ArchAndroid,” this week. The sweepingly ambitious undertaking is a fusion of almost everything good – soul, funk, pop, jazz, big band, hip hop, science, fiction, fantasy, passion, love, beauty, joy. She is at once a studious throwback and yet entirely fresh. Her new album’s first single, “Tightrope,” is the very definition of infectious. And then there’s the video, where Janelle moves her feet in ways my feet only dream of moving in their best, wildest, craziest dreams. Add that all in with her look – that Dietrich-inspired tuxedo, that architecturally impossible pompadour, that impeccably audacious swagger – and you have a force so irresistible that no matter how bad your day was your soul will want to dance. So dance I did. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. In case you were wondering, the lady can kill it live, too.


vrgriffith said...

She is just so amazingly talented and beautiful. It's been a long time since a performer stretched definition. I hope her experiences are like the embracing of OutKast-- by everybody

Anonymous said...

Janelle Monae is great! Amen! M.

wrongway said...

My father would never forgive me for not saying that Dietrich has nothing on this girl-that's all some James Brown soul!!

Anonymous said...

you go the way it is,
nothing surprise.

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I guess today's posting seems related yesterday's
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the singer has good looking.

Advizor said...

OK, but about the 30 second mark of the Tightrope video I've decided to buy her album, I love the hook.

Alisha said...

my sister and i were watching BET's Ripe the Runway and she was on there, but honestly, we made fun of the performance the whole time.. she's fine to watch once or twice in a video and maybe it was just the performance, but i can't even watch her.. :(

MS said...

i've been listening to the album for a couple weeks now, i'm in LOVE! i'd even venture to say the album maybe up there with another great busting albums as the miseducation of lauryn hill.

snookie said...

WOW, amazing!
Love the throwback to 60's soul and funk groups with the dance and the crazy pompadour!! Love how she's making is woman's world with that!!

She's a ball of talent.

Now snarker, get some rest.

Up North sister-friend said...

Wow...thanks so much for clueing in this clueless sistah...Janelle Monae is amazing...where'd she find that groove? :) Thanks!

Making Space said...

Holy shit! Her live performance was even better than the video, and that's like not even POSSIBLE. Wowwowwowowwow!!! Thanks so much for introducing her!! Incredible!!

Patricia said...

cool indeed! Her first album is from 2003? Now she got the way, I hope. But...why I had a sort of Michael Jackson´s deja vu watching the video? Go figure!

Natascha said...

I just lost a little respect for you with the whole PETA slight. Please don't think i'm some crazy angry radical, i just wanted to say that was uncalled for.

Advizor said...

Any and all smacks at PETA are called for. And NO, I am not speaking for this blog, just little old me, a guy who grew up with animals, treated them with respect and care, and then ate them.

And I've seen a real chicken with it's real head cut off. It is a great metaphor, except for the nasty clean-up after the running stops.

You may proceed to lose respect for me....... now.

Lucy_D said...

Wow. I can't believe there's a negative comment about her here. I saw her live in New York a few months back opening for Of Montreal. I had no idea who she was when I walked in the venue but. oh. my. god. she made me the biggest fan by the time I left the place. She put on the best show I've ever seen -the lady is absolutely phenomenal!