Monday, May 24, 2010

The aLum Word

Now that the networks have unveiled their new seasons, it’s time to see how the ladies of the Chaikenverse (ugh, I already feel dirty and wrong about using that term) are faring. The verdict: Pretty well. In fact some of the L alumni have high-profile new projects ahead. And, for whatever reason, most of them have law enforcement bents. I guess six seasons of the crazy that Chaiken built will make any sane person run for a little law and order.

“Ride-Along” (Fox), Jennifer Beals

Let me sum up the “Ride-Along” trailer as simply as possible: Jennifer Beals. Cop Uniform. Chicago Streets. Tough talk. Handcuffed perp. Tank Top. I don’t really think the world needs another cop drama, but I do think the world needs to put Jennifer Beals in charge of Chicago.

“Chase”(NBC), Rose Rollins

Chase” seems little “In Palin Sight” mixed with “Justified” and sprinkled with a dusting of an Anna Torv-type in cowboy boots. Also, there was far too little of Rose in that trailer. Still, someone is looking very Tasha today. I’m just saying – she pings my gay character ’dar.

“Facing Kate” (USA), Sarah Shahi

No clips or promos of “Facing Kate” yet, just the tantalizing thought of Sarah headlining her own new USA series. She’ll play a former top litigator who becomes a legal mediator. So I think that means we can look forward to seeing Sarah in a series of nicely tailored suits. And, just in case you’ve forgotten what Sarah looks like, I’ve provided a helpful visual aid of her taken earlier this month. Yeah, you’re totally watching this series.

“The Gates” (ABC), Janina Gavankar

It’s “Desperate Housewives” meets “True Blood!” This summer series looks a little, um, dumb. But it does have Janina as what appears to be a security guard. So it at least gives us the opportunity to say one more, “Really, Papi?”

And that doesn’t even take into account the many actresses already working gainfully on existing shows. We’ve got Jane Lynch on “Glee,” Jessica Capshaw on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Lucy Lawless on “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and Mia Kirshner on “The Vampire Diaries.” While we’re at it, we should pour a little out for our homie, Kate Moennig. “Three Rivers” is dead, but this summer you can watch CBS burn off its final five episodes starting June 5.

So, which L alum’s new show has you most excited? I’m going with Jennifer’s “Ride-Along” for now. But we haven’t seen Sarah in action yet. Oh, TV, I love it when you’re in the courting phase.


“Body of Proof” (ABC), Dana Delany

Dammit, I left out the fabulous Ms. Dana Delany and her new ABC show “Body of Proof.” (Hat tip to the always lovely Norma Desmond for the reminder!) Dana is back in scrubs, and joined by the also lovely Jeri Ryan – though sadly not in her skin-tight silver body suit from “Voyager.”


Kate said...

I'm most excited to see Sarah Shahi's even though there's no video. I just hope it turns out to be a good show. I'm still bitter about Life being canceled. Curses to Jay Leno and NBC!

As for the other shows, before seeing the videos I would have said I was most anxious to see Jennifer Beals', but I don't know now. One of the other cops seems overly obnoxious. Jennifer's Chicago accent makes her sound like Tina Fey. I'd say I'm most interested in seeing Chase. It seems to have a solid cast, but I agree that there should have been far more Rose Rollins in the clip. I hope the actual show isn't the same way.

I don't know how others feel, but I'm excited to see the final 5 episodes of Three Rivers. I miss Kate being on my television screen. I'm just sad this is only temporary.

Anonymous said...

Please please blog something about Skins! And if you haven't watched it yet, you'll love it! I've been waiting for a Skins post for fucking ever so I decided I'll just ask you this time =]

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Dorothy: Jennifer's Ride-A long is by far the most exciting..sexiest cop as said in pilots critic! she is amazing and hot and shawn ryan is a great writer...

Anonymous said...

Autumn will be very good.

perfectflaw75 said...

Ride-Along and Chase are looking pretty good to me!
I'm going to watch Ride-Along for the Chicago sceneries, and I like Annie's style (I'm not just talking fighting).

*** GayGirl *** said...

I have to go with Ride-Along... and it's only due to Jennifer Beals. I don't know that I expect much, but it will be good to see her again. I've adored her since Flashdance, and as a young budding lesbian, I would never EVER have expected that one of my original dreamgirls would later play a lesbian, and I could see my old fantasies come to life.

I was pretty much in awe when watching every single episode of The L Word. It would always hit me at some point… often during some very sensual scene: “I cannot BELIEVE that’s Jennifer Beals!”

Naturally, I'm a devoted fan for life now. ;o)

How about Leisha Hailey? Is she all about her music now or what's the deal... Anybody know?

- GG

Anonymous said...

I think beals' looks interesting,
my favo's, just chose one, based on the trailers,
chase because it looks more speedy and active.

(no offence, it's not politic, by the way,
politic is for people, I mean to make people happy,
but why they kill so many people and so obsess bothering people? just questions came up in mind
yesterday. I mean politic in general all over the world. )

I'm happy to look at but just thought that
the actors must be tired, you see how they
act, physically challenge. jumping, running, fighting, so on. but I don't know I don't have plan
to see.

and I like sue on glee,
I like her when she showed up
on ggirls as a nurse, and L word, bad lawyer?
now she's teacher who is wearing training cloth.
she's very funny. :)
I saw some episodes, and like to watch that,
it's very fun, non violence, good song, funny
characters, so on.

thanks for the post,
just feel, are you okay?
even though there is lots of posting
why I feel something...?

have a nice~nice~ o~ day!

ps, I saw yesterday a western guy singing our
songs, just remind me my highschool, she's even
not my classmate but we all know cus
she looks like western people but talk our lauguage
so well like native, cus she was born in my country.
and don't talk english.. (o..o)
we thought every people who looks like do speak
english. she was mad when we asked.

Phantom said...
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Phantom said...

Well, all the shows look tantalizing enough for me to check 'em out, but the thing is, that I wouldn't watch Gates because of Ms. Gavankar, there's a far more kickass actress on the scene:
_Rhona Mitra_
if only she would do more movies like Doomsday/Underworld 3... (mmmm)

Butterflied said...

Ohhh yesssss! Jennifer again on Fox, that's give me the opportunity to watch her here in Spain. Thanks, Fox. And thanks, Dorothy, for this amazing post.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the trailer for Chase give us the whole story, including her catching the killer? If that is going to be the story arc (over several episodes), what's the point of watching now? And definitely needs more Rose.

Beals looks good, but not enough tank top. ;)

I hope Sarah keeps wearing the low cut tops. :D

Norma Desmond said...

I think the only one I'm going to be able to bring myself to watch is going to be Body of Proof with Senator Dana Delany. I don't know why they're ALL working on cop/lawyer shows, but that's not my genre, so I'm going to have to pass.

Also, is it just me, or is there an inordinate amount of business suits in this year's promo photos? Not that I'm complaining, of course, perish the thought, I was just noticing.

Fannie said...

I've watched 5-6 episodes of Spartacus and I can't help pretending that Lucy Lawless' character is Xena in disguise, waiting to jump into the gladiator arena and kick some ass.


T-Swizzle said...

I would watch the hell out of a show called "In Palin Sight". Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

You not only forgot Dana Delany, you also forgot Laurel Holloman in Gigantic which is having it's premiere in July.

Carol said...

Wait. What???? Dana Delany and Jeri Ryan are on the SAME SHOW???

Damn. I hate crime/med/whatever dramas too. *sigh* What I'll do for those women....

kranARI said...

Ah....I love how JB nails the Chicago accent (watch those As...) so cute!