Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bea screwed up

Every night this week I’ve taken unplanned naps after I’ve come home from work. I’m not entirely sure what my body’s trying to tell me, but I feel it’s something important. Something like, hey – idiot – get some sleep. While I figure it out (and perhaps take another nap), please enjoy those girls who are golden. The first blooper is my favorite because, really, who doesn’t love a little Freudian slip?


Norma Desmond said...

All the Golden Girls bloopers are amazing. I look them up on a fairly regular basis.

Patricia said...

I kept wondering about a blooper with my day to day life at work... surely laughable material too.

Just loved Golden Girls! But at that time everything that comes from abroad was dubbed and all the subtle jokes disappeard.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get any work done today so I snuck over to Dorothy Snarker for some amusement and seeing the Golden Girls was JUST what the doctor ordered!

(though I'm probably still not going to get anything done) Thanks DS!

Anonymous said...

I guess the weather is too cold or suddenly warm and hot, so that's why people need nap.

time pass so fast,
don't you think?

good attitude about this whole thing
maybe I start my blog or something
cus you seem tired...

but, my past experience is telling me
that it could be better just take nap.

thanks for the post,
see you anytime.