Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello, Modern Lady

Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of American…ladies. My Fake Internet Girlfriend Sarah Haskins has passed her mantel as Funny Lady Business Commenter in Chief to new CurrentTV contributor Erin Gibson. The former “Target Women” host dropped by to give her blessings in the form of the Golden Tampon.

That must be that new model Tampax is testing: “The Niagra,” for those extra, extra, extra heavy flow days.

Erin’s new InfoMania segment is called “Modern Lady.” Her first women target, if you will (yes, I miss Sarah. So. Much.), is reality TV moms who want to pose for Playboy.

Granted, this is no “the funnest yogurt ever,” but it’s a start. I am a little concerned that Erin seems to be targeting the actual women themselves, as opposed to how Sarah targeted the products and media aimed at women. But it’s her first time so we will chalk it up to growing pains.

Erin posted a short video, to let viewers know what she’s all about.

Well, at least we have one thing in common: Neither of us believe in the sun. So, what do you think? A worthy successor to President Haskins? I can’t say she has my vote just yet, but I am willing to listen to her platform.


Anonymous said...

it's rainy day...

I like the name sarah in general,
they're very smart, and good at cooking.

yeah, I don't know it's name matter but
they are. It's not only knowledge matter,
there was something talent.. I got that.

Anonymous said...

I think she's hysterical!

DOB-C said...

Erin Gibson is hilarious. I first discovered her on her youtube show "Roommating Show."

Anonymous said...

Erin is hilarious! I watched the Roommating Show and couldn't stop laughing!

kennedyismyhero said...

She's pretty funny, no Sarah Haskins but I'll take any funny, smart, pretty lady in a pinch.

Does anyone else think that she sounds a bit like Willow from BtVS? Just me? Okay, figured. :)

Anonymous said...

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pebbles said...

as long as she targets daddy's girls-kind of women... sorry I just read the SCUM manifesto and I'm soo susceptible

alice said...

Not convinced yet - I'll keep an eye out for her videos, but it'll take more than what I've seen so far for her to get on my RSS feed. The bits I've seen her do just don't grab me, but it can take a little while to find a groove.