Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tank Top Tuesday: Lost Edition

I never watched “Lost.” Not one episode. Not even five minutes. Never. But I still felt curious about the finale this weekend. As a person who prides herself on her pop culture prowess, I just had to know. How does it end? So I watched the last 15 minutes. Yes, yes – I know. You can’t just watch the last 15 minutes of any show and expect to understand. So, basically I had no idea what was going on. But from a lot of regular watchers’ initial reactions, I wasn’t the only one. [Spoilers Alert: If you haven’t watched the finale, SKIP TO THE PICTURES!] So, dude, how about that Sixth Sensing of the finale? We’re all seeing dead people. In church! And then there was a dog! I honestly don’t know what to make of it all, but I do know that I commend “Lost” for spinning a hell of a yarn that engrossed a hell of a lot of people for six seasons. Well, that and employing some gorgeous, gorgeous women and stranding them on a desert island with a wardrobe full of tank tops. So long, “Lost,” I hardly knew you.

Evangeline Lilly (Kate)Michelle Rodriguez (Ana Lucia)Maggie Grace (Shannon)Rebecca Mader (Charlotte)Yunjin Kim (Sun)Emilie de Ravin (Claire) Cynthia Watros (Libby)Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)She even looks good all dirty and bedraggled in her tank top.

So I guess the only question now is who is your favorite twosome?

Libby & Ana LuciaJuliet & Kate

What? I said I didn’t watch, not that I didn’t keep track of who was who and who looked particularly hot in a tank top.


Anonymous said...


Don't forget Alex though!

Alex in a tank top :D

Norma Desmond said...

Oh man, Elizabeth Mitchell SO deserved two pictures... She was, by far, my favorite part of that show.

That said, of course any twosome with her is my pick.

;) babs said...

kate and juliet!
those muddy scenes in the jungle...

Anonymous said...

i came here to randomly do a oogle search for evangeline lilly tags, knowing that you wouldn't disappoint with the inclusiveness of the tank top wearing ladies like her.
and this lands in my face. god bless you. i feel like it's my birthday.

Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't watch because it was 6 seasons of gorgeous strong women characters all sweaty in tank tops. sort of tailor made for you!

Anonymous said...

the single pic, juliet seemed very tired,
makes me laugh. it's cute pic.

so the story is about dying people?
in island somewhere desert?
I like the usual story, like everyday eating
same thing at home, and boring talk but some
humors, we did very special event today, oh,
what is it, we went into park and eat sandwich.

not funny? sorry.

who's my favo?
I don't watch lost, I heard about a lot and
like to see it if I have chance but
when i turned on TV, it didn't show up.
this is the way how i watch tv.

what about your favo?
your favo is my favo. :)

I plan to watch american teen life something?
don't remember the title but it was very fun,

have a nice day~~

Hepalien said...

:( I'm crying tears of sadness and utter disappointment because you forgot Sonya Walgner!! She's sooooo hot, she definitely deserves to be in there, Penny was an ESSENTIAL part of Lost.
You've let me down Dorothy, let me down with a bang. I'm so disappointed in you!

Ha ha, no, I'm joking, I love the Lost tank top special, I just dont see how everyone else doesnt see that Penny is definitely the hottest! Thanks!

Johnny said...

Juliet & Kate foreverrrr....

And yes, Elizabeth did indeed deserve two pics. :D

dc said...

Snap! So good to know another human being who has never ever watched an episode of Lost, not even 5 minutes!

It is very odd to be inundated in the media and online in the past few weeks by a TV show that has never ever generated the least bit of curiosity from me. And even discussed on "hard" news programs?!

Whah? There aren't enough serious stories about the BP oil debacle to fill up the programs?!

OK rant over.

Have to confess that I like Evangeline Lilly, from her interviews:) She doesn't take the show seriously. She's from my neck of the woods :)

JournalizedFear said...

Juliet and Kate characters hated each other in the show, even had a cat fight (rawr, hiss) but if you search for behind the scenes they were really good friends (purrrrr).

Anyway, watch the first minute of the pilot and it explaines final scene of the finale.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Rodriguez... I bravely opened your page in full view of my entire family. I'm not out yet, and literally had to bite my hand from moaning out loud at the sight of her in tank tops. DE-LIC-IOUS!!!

heart beats said...

definitely kate and juliet.. that episode where they wake up next to each other all alone in the jungle handcuffed.. ooh lordy.

;) babs said...

where's penny?
(sonya walger)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Kim Dickens (Cassidy Phillips)!


Emily said...

Thanks for honoring such a great show, and thanks for the Evangeline Lilly pics. Yummy. :)

Not to nitpick, but besides Penny you forgot the lovely Brit, Naomi as well as Alex, who was the closest girl to my age on the show (therefore VERY crush-worthy).

The Juliet and Kate pic is the best. The episode with them running around in the mud, handcuffed... you need to watch it.

Hoot said...

I watched for the tank tops.

Patricia said...

Well, we all have to thank the tropical island! K. Beckinsale IMHO get the leather prize in Van Helsing... but what a waste in "Whiteout". Some pic about her in a TTop?

Morcegos no Sótão said...

After season 6, I'm thinking Claire+Kate are more realistic as a twosome, story-wise... But Juliet with Kate is definitely the hottest one. ^^


Maria said...

Claire was really cute; I love accents.