Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tank Top Tuesday

You remember back in the day when radio DJs would actually take live calls from listeners and give long, involved dedications (the more civilized precursor to the shout out)? Well, this is the blog equivalent. This one goes out to tweetbian extraordinaire and Show Us Your Cocktails champ @TruMischief. Me and my friend Mary-Louise Parker (above) want to give her heart a nice big jolt before she goes in for surgery on it Thursday. So (said in my best Casey Kasem voice) gather around, dolls and dudes, and listen look close. This next song post is a special request for TruMischief and all the TruMischiefs out there who like gals, who like tank tops and who really like gals in tank tops together. DJ, drop the needle.

Rachel BilsonIs it wrong that I always confuse her with Mila Kunis?

Erin KellyCatholic school girl uniform or tank top? Either way, you win.

Anna TorvMy favorite things-that-go-bump-in-the-night-chasing FBI agent since Scully.

Mary McCormackShe makes me want to volunteer for Witness Protection.

Elizabeth MitchellThis is really more of a cap sleeve, but I’ll give it a pass because the women got to roll around naked with Angelina Jolie.

Sara RamirezShe hit the trifecta with a tank top, ball cap and gay BFF

Mary Stuart MastersonBack in 1987, you knew with all of your little gay heart that Watts was a big honking lesbian. And, don’t lie, you totally fantasized about her and Lea Thompson making out.


;) babs said...

god, I love anna torv!

;)) babs

Anonymous said...

o, it's tuesday.
ds, wends for vikini?
it's summer.

thanks, have a nice day!^^

can you count how many women
did you mention on tank top tues?
what about creat a nation for?
tank top nation. im kidding.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that our nickname for Mary Stuart Masterson was Mary Stuart Masturbate back in the day??

Miss Emily said...

I always wondered why I liked Watts so much. For years I just told myself that badass women were cooler. Now, though I swing both ways, I simply say she's hot. Smokin.

Brenda said...

Thank you for the Mary Stuart pic. I loved that movie and wore out the VHS from watching it so many times. I so wanted to be Watts!

Courtney said...

Long distance dedication to TruMischief: Best wishes and I'll be thinking of you on Thursday!

Nice post, DS.

Melinda Barton said...

LOVE Mary Stuart Masterson! I was so ticked when Watts ended up with the guy, but had no idea why at the time. Now I do.

El N said...

Plus hello, Watts was a girl drummer which = win!

V said...

Oh my, how perfect is the Mary McCormack!
I so vibe the cut of her gib. Thanks DS--more MM please.

TheWeyrd1 said...

ooooo...MSM's hairdo is back in style again!!! So hot she was back then. One of my secret drools... I couldn't decide if I wanted to do her or be her...maybe both...heh.

Anonymous said...

it all begins and ends with MSM. my first and most long standing crush. Some Kind of Wonderful is one of my favorite movies of all time.