Friday, July 24, 2009

My Weekend Crush

Sure, there are the doe eyes and the milky skin. The multi-watt smile and the flowing raven tresses. But what I like most about Anne Hathaway is that she seems complete. No, not in that hokey Jerry Maguire way of completing each other. It’s that no part of her life seems particularly out of sync – nothing needs to be fixed or fretted over. OK, she has made some questionable boyfriend choices, but that just makes us love her more. She is human, after all. What she has done throughout her career is steadily build a reputation based not on her partying or panty-flashing, diva demands or distracting drama, but on talent, smarts, hard-work and mutual respect. She has done it all while remaining refreshingly friendly with fans, accessible without being an open book and just amiably herself. In Hollywood, that’s as close to a fairy tale as you can get. Now, thanks to “Twelfth Night,” we know she doesn’t just have to play the princess. Happy weekend, all.


FASTTCR said...

Works for me. Loved her in Princess Diaries (not normally my kind of movie) and in her in Rachel Getting Married (dark and disturbing personality).

Her episode of SNL was nominated for an Emmy!

Anonymous said...

I love Anne H. She is perfect!! Smart, funny, pretty, sexy...what more could you want in a woman?!

Collins said...

anne hathaway is (and has been) tops on my freebie list and for good reason. she is whip smart, politically active and informed, enjoys a good joke, a good cry and sees life for what it is, an experiment meant to be lived.

plus, she loves the gays, so....

BTW: her SNL episode being nominated for an emmy was the biggest "well, duh!" nomination of this year's awards. if you haven't seen it, find it! her mary poppins parody about giving an STD to bert and the lawrence welk bit (which showcases kristen wiig so brilliantly) practically make me pee myself from laughing so hard.

kudos, snarker, this is definitely a weekend crush i can get behind. and in front of. and on top of. what???

TheWeyrd1 said...

Twelfth Night is my fave Shakespeare play. Anne Hathaway in the crossing dressing role...HOT. Dang, wish I lived in NYC.

Pysselninja said...

I love your blog! Love, love, love LOVE it! I found it last week and since then I've been hooked!

Great work filling all of our lives with hot girls ;)

Though...I haven't found Piper Perabo at this page yet... A tip, perhaps? She's hot as hell and have done at least 3 movies wher'e she was gay/bi :D

Yeah, that's all for now.
Keep up the great work!


SuperTex said...

luv her.

that is all.

Jennifer Bates said...

Anne Hathaway is my fave. Nice choice!