Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A holy mackerel story

Hey, lesbians, our leader is back! After a long, agonizing week and one day without her, Rachel Maddow has returned to our television machines. Look, oh great brainy one, you can’t go leaving us for this long again. Who will mock Gov. Argentina’s inability to stop talking? Who will mock Gov. I Quit’s inability to talk in coherent sentences? Who will show up on set wearing … wait for it, wait for it … WADERS!?

And, just in case you had forgotten during to her 192-hours (but who is counting) of absence, Maddow reminded us all why we love her in the first place:

“I am talking to you from New York. I’m gay. My name is Rachel so people think I’m Jewish. And I’m very liberal.”

Oh, Rachel. Seriously, never leave us for that long again. I mean, it’s not like Ana Marie Cox can flirt interview herself.

p.s. On the other hand, if you are to ever go on a (well-deserved) vacation again, please continue to share pictures of your exploits in all of your there’s-nothing-redundant-about-a-lesbian-fishing-expedition, look-even-the-lure-is-pink, nobody-puts-baby-in-a-corner jean-shorted glory.


tlsintx said...

can i be the first to say...i love rachel maddow.

thanks, snarker. i love you too.

Anonymous said...

haha, ds,
you looks so exciting. ^^
that's good.

is there certain name for jewish people? cus i saw some and thought that there are two different look..

one group is like American, and the another group like jewish.

not like, they are. right?
somehow i didn't know rachel is.
how people know that?
to me, they all just look like western people.

it's amazing that people notice it.
have a fun day, and i'll.

Leesh said...
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Leesh said...

A holy mackerel story, indeed!
I was all giddy yesterday when it was confirmed on twitter (@carolinagrrrl) that she would be BACK, and the show itself was all I could have hoped for.
Thanks, Ms. Snarker, for letting me start off my day today by reliving last night. :)

e said...

i love seeing her dressed as herself. not in the corporate news costume. such a hottie!

Sue J said...

And just when I thought she could not get any more adorable -- she fishes, too!

As others have said, what a nice way to start the day -- with Rachel and her big fish!

Anonymous said...

My Better Half and I were lucky enough to run into Rachel in P-town while she was on her well-deserved vacation! I don't think she was out of NYC more than 48 hours at that point, but she was kind and gracious and cooler than cool. Even more reason to love love LOVE her.

J9 said...

Now I'm jealous of Anon below - I live suspiciously close to RM's nome town, and have never had the pleasure of running into her. I guess I'll have to travel East. And I was giddy last night, and almost swooned when she showed up on my TV!

Sapphic Hyperbole said...

What the hell?! Just because I like Rachel does not make her my "leader"
Last year I did not even know who Rachel Maddow was and you probably did not either, now she's your leader?

Wow pretty sad that you feel that way.

elliB said...

Somebody (*cough*sapphichyperbole*cough*) woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Let's kill her with kindness & cheer!

angelina said...

ooh! ooh! and the less make-up last night; I swear she had less eye goop and looked more like-herself hot-geek-dyke than TRMS lets her look usually. Or maybe I was just so happy to see her... *sigh*

Norma Desmond said...

Is it wrong to laugh at people who leave angry blog comments? Ah well, thanks for the post on the lovely and hilarious RM, whether she's our leader or not.

dc said...

PHEW! I've been sulking so long, I was danger of ending up in a sinkhole of despair.

Glad she's back. And please, next time I need notice when Rachel's going to be away *that* long! I need to gear myself up for it.

dc said...

And is that a mackarel she caught? :)

Your friend, Rusty said...

She can take a vacation any time she likes as long as Anna Marie Cox fills in for her.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed seeing Alison Stewart again, but she is def no Maddow! I do wish AS would come back to MSNBC and do her own thing.

Hanna said...

The "I'm gay" statement has been put up on Maddow's page as a ring tone!
AMC's comment on twitter to this was however:
"Would you like an "I'm straight!" from me? No? Hm. // @WillAtWork Added @Maddow "I'm gay!" ring tone PM Jul 8th from TweetDeck "

No! An "I'm at least bicurious" would be more appreciated... :-)

susanita said...

Good gawdamighty, forget the fish, look at those biceps!

Look, I know that Ana Marie says she's straight, but that hair is definitely bi-curious. ;-P

Rebecca said...

I just really really hope that someone points this one blog out to Ms. Maddow so that she will know once and for all that she is in fact our leader, and that when she says Political Commentary? we say . . . well, nothing, because we are drop dead silent so we don't miss a single word.

Yo said...

People that kill fishes just for fun isn´t funny, lovely, interesting. It´s just murder.