Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tina Fey Thursday

Yes, yes, ANOTHER post on Tina Fey. But wait, wait. Just like last time, this isn't just about Tina. OK, it's a little about Tina. But, mostly, it's about Tina's daughter, Alice. I've decided I want to be friends with Alice when she gets old enough for it not to be creepy. Fine, so that will never happen. It will always be creepy. But it's just that every time Tina talks about her daughter, she sounds hilarious. Like someone it would be fun to have a beer with or (given her age bracket) a bowl of strained peas. On Conan earlier this week, Alice was again the center of attention. See for yourself.

Come on, how cute was that? “Mommy, where's the lady?” And then, the coup de grâce: “I think she is in the car, in the water.” I'm not even really a kid person and I'm all, awwww.

Oh and in case you missed it online or even if you watched it online because, seriously, this show needs all the ratings help it can get, the third season of “30 Rock” premieres tonight. If all my prolific praise can't sell you on the new season, then at least please let Tina herself try. It's only fair.

Man, I've been shilling this show so hard I feel like I deserve commission. Hey, NBC, throw a sleep-deprived blogger a coffee mug or something. I'm carrying some serious water for our gal. Wait, don't actually throw it. I'm rather uncoordinated, so it's probably hit me in the head and knock me out cold. And, well, then I wouldn't be able to watch “30 Rock.” OK, scratch the whole thing. I can't take chances like that.

p.s. If you can handle a dose of Regis & Kelly with your morning coffee, Tina will be on today. Personally, I'll probably need something a little stronger than coffee to make it through. The things I do for Tina, sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Oh God! I haven't laughed this much for a while. Where's the lady? That's a classic. Children are so clever.

Slym said...

Too much Tina Fey!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!
Though I can understand if everyone doesn't get caught up in the Tina Fey mania. But seriously folks "30 Rock" ROCKS!

Check it out.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

"I think she's in the car, in the water." Indeed! Never try to fool a kid ;)

ravaj said...

an article for you dear ms s

best bit is the last sentence i think!

squeebs said...

that Tina has really cute teeth.

pyewacket said...

I <3 Tina. I not only watched Regis & Kelly to see her...prior, I watched Matt Lauer on the Today Show interview her.

That's how much I <3 Tina.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand the post
somehow, i'm so sleepy
so i'll talk to you later.

good night

RHEA said...

Every single day can be 'Tina Fey Day' as far as I'm concerned :D

Anonymous said...

Um, Regis and Kelly is awesome.
Just sayin'...

Renee Gannon said...

The 30 Rock premier was awesome last night!!! More Tina Fey, more!!!