Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clark Kent, lesbian style

I'm just going to flat-out say it. Damn, that's sexy. Hello, Rachel Maddow, lesbian pin-up. Pardon my broad generalization, but that's sexy in a way that is almost exclusively lesbian. It's certainly not a stereotypically straight aesthetic. And that's why it's so hot.

And, yes, this probably means that my political bias is showing. Good, I'm glad. In the interest of full disclosure I want everyone to know that I am indeed The L Word. I'm a L...L...L...Liberal. Whew, I said it. Really, saying it out loud is the hardest part. I'm a Liberal. I'm an open, out, totally unabashed Liberal. And I'm proud of it. I also don't mind being called progressive, left-wing, bleeding-heart or foxy. What? I just wanted to see if I could slip that last one in.

So back to The Sexy called Rachel. What I love about Rachel is that she seems so comfortable in everything that she is. A woman. A progressive. A lesbian. A smarty pants. A self-described dork. And this weekend's New York Times Magazine only confirmed my best suspicions about Rachel. She is so incredibly gay, it's adorable. [Hat tip, the equally adorable StuntDouble!]

Read the whole interview here, but let me give you my 8 (since that number is on my mind) highlights – or should I say gaylights. Seriously, she's so gay.
  1. Always on her: A handkerchief. One of my liabilities as a broadcaster is that I am little teary. Having a handkerchief is handy. My partner, Susan Mikula, buys me cute ones.
  2. Always in fridge: Champagne. I always keep a bottle, because you might need to celebrate at any moment, and a bunch of mustard, because I am a mustard person.
  3. Clothing item a talk-show host needs: For me, it is sneakers, which I can wear 80 percent of the time, secretly behind the desk. That reminds me who I am, even though I am dressed up like an assistant principal in order to meet the minimum dress code for being on television.
  4. Fictional character she identifies with: Wally Cleaver. Cause he is a dork.
  5. She drives: I have a seven-year-old Ford pickup. Remember, I have to go to the dump.
  6. By her bed: Comic books. I read comics sometimes and graphic novels. I appreciate that genre.
  7. Hobby: I am a hobbyist bartender. I have a liquor cabinet. I research classic drinks from the golden age of American cocktails and I make them for me and Susan.
  8. Favorite place to shop: Not applicable. I don’t shop.

As I was saying... So. Totally. Gay. I love it. And, in case that wasn't enough the NYT had to go and show us her at home. I've taken the liberty of pointing out the awesome.

[Click for closer examination]

And if that still wasn't quite gay enough, dude, check out her ride.


The Gentleman said...

DS...you forgot the blazer and the buckle belt ;) so.totally.gay (in a very sexy way ;))

Anonymous said...

Mmm, thank you. I've been yearning for some more Rachel.

madmags said...

Well, I must say I have never run out to my paper recycle box with such a fervor of purpose (or ever, now that I think of it)to retrieve such a treasure.
I was holding that article in my hands at least half the day on Sunday and never once looked to see what I might have been missing. Holy cow. That pesky puzzle I was trying to finish (I did not)was a total waste of time, in retrospect. But better late than never, and a big thank you to you Ms. Snarker and StuntDouble, of course.
Now I am going to repeat after you and say that L word out loud as well. Ah, that felt good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-read of this! If I already didn't have an adorable wife, I would totally stalk Rachel!

eb said...

No, you're not a liberal. That's so 1990s. You're a Socialist. It's the new black.

I heart RM.

madmags said...

Ha eb, so true.
If all of this is not enough, today's NY Times has yet another article on Ms. Maddow.
Albeit, this one is more about ratings and demographics where she is kicking some serious butt, doubling previous ratings in her time slot.
There are a couple of cute pictures of our gal as well.
The only ones who may be the most smitten of all are the bigwigs at MSNBC

Josephine said...

Totally adorable pictures. I was looking at the excerpts on AfterEllen last night, and the next thing I did was order a new pair of sneakers. They were on sale, and I just couldn't help myself! I'm slightly appalled that RM says she doesn't shop. I'm not a fashion person, but shopping just feels so good.

TheWeyrd1 said...

SNICKER...I wanna another pick up truck! I had one, but it died. Then it was towed away...but then when I last saw it, it was being driven down the road by an old Hispanic guy wearing a cowboy hat... I miss my truck...

I just don't get it said...

Am I the *only* one who doesn't find her sexy at all?

Andro-boi said...

to i just don't get it - I didn't find her sexy at first, but after watching her show and finding out more about her, I'm definitely starting to see the appeal...

word to your mother(s) said...

Hallelujah! Dear g-d, who knew you were such a liberal? That must have been a heavy burden lifted from your shoulders ;)

I was waiting for you to blog about the Maddow piece - I’ve been drooling since Sunday…

J9 said...

I FINALLY watched RM last night - for the first time ever, and she so totally kicks butt! I have not found her attractive, as I prefer tall, leggy blonde femmes. Her intellegence and wit are winning me over though!


Alaina said...

Love love love Love love love Love love love Love love love Love love love Love love love Love love love

Ok, I think I made my point. My other reason for commenting is that you can see Rachel being her sexy smart self without stupid make-up and assistant principal get-up in her Campaign Asylum clips from Air America. The news is old now, sure, but they are still worth a watch for her hot nerd-glasses. Search YouTube for them.

Jessie said...

I never understood the Rachel Maddow thing either ... until I started listening to her radio show and watching her television show on MSNBC.


Great wit, sharp as a tack, and completely nerdy at the same time. She's not "my type" in terms of sexiness, but I'm totally into her brain.

Amanda said...

The funny thing was, I saw the article first, then immediately went to your site to leave a post about it, hoping you'd write about her. You beat me to it :)

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little obsessed with her.

tlsintx said...

i can't get enough of the girl. Rachel rocks!

Lezlie Mac said...

sneakers and a suit
a pick up truck
and she doesn't shop. Priceless. Now THAT's a bona fide lesbian !

And smart. That's it. I want me one of those.

Magnolia31 said...

I'm totally "in love" (infatuated, mesmerized, obsessed, drooling all over, you name it) with her! I just wish we could watch MSNBC in Toulouse... happily there's always her podcasts on Green 960. She's my hero!!!

Bettina said...

hero[hy[reag;lahgfd; i can't even get coherent thought out. damn, she is so sexy. SO SEXY.

where's the first pic from?

let me dance said...

Ds, i am laughing. (^o^)
ah hahaha!! haha!!

yeah, it's difficult i mean
sometimes..but so i love your
personal so much. (^-^)

thank you for the post.
you're brave also! right?

Anonymous said...

One thing that I admire about her, is being totally comfortable and confident in who she is. When she appeared on "The Tonight Show" w/Jay Leno, she wore jeans, those dorky glasses (no contacts) and simple shirt w/sneakers. I think that Jay was a bit taken aback. It's as if she compartmentalizes her TV persona from her RL. She didn't care that she wasn't femmed up as she is on her show. I love her brilliant mind and her kind and tactful way of treating guests even assholes like David Frumm.

A Fan from AZ

HB said...

Cool! Now I want to see if it's possible to download podcasts from itunes Norway..

Sterkworks said...

I love Rachel. I loved her from the moment I listened to her on XM radio...even before I knew she was a lesbo. So damn smart. She is often my Crush du Jour.

mescho said...


LOVE the "duh" under the pickup. obviously. that is what she drives. obviously.


Boltgirl said...

I didn't think I could be any more stupidly smitten with her. Then I saw the picture with all the booksbooksBOOKS and the cocktail and the OMG PUPPEH. Certifiably drooling and hopeless now. And not sorry, not one bit.