Monday, October 20, 2008

Palin, out

There is a fine line between laughing with and laughing at someone. Laughing with implies you are in on the joke. Laughing at means you're the joke. This prepositional disclaimer is an important preface to this past weekend's “Saturday Night Live” featuring the world's most famous hockey mom and under-qualified vice presidential candidate. Sarah Palin again proved that she can ably read from a cue card and happily serve as set dressing. Does she get good sport points for going on in the first place? Sure. Would I rather she actually hold her first official press conference to face reporter questions instead? You betcha.

While I was worried that Palin's appearance might sway some “Gosh, she seems spunky” sympathy and therefore votes her way, in the end it was just another reminder of why it's so appropriate that she is the governor of Alaska. Just call her the Yukon Territory of comedy gold. And no one mined it better than Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Hell, you could practically hear them screaming “Eureka!” From “fancy pageant walkin'” to “all the mavericks in the house put your hands up,” I could not love those two more. No, really, it's not physically possible. And, oh God, the moose – the moose was genius.

First Tina.

Oh, Tina. You made me proud to be among those in the “anti-American” states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware and California.

Then Amy.

As much as I love anything and everything about Tina, I will happily admit that Amy totally stole the show. Someone get this girl a record contract. That was the most simultaneously hilarious and hardcore rap I've ever seen. And, dude, Eskimos!

While most people were clamoring for it, I was a little relieved that Tina and Sarah only shared a split-second on screen. Look at me, getting all protective like Alec Baldwin of “our Tina” from “that horrible woman.”

Though, in case you were having one of those world-colliding moments at even the briefest sight of them together, here is a handy guide to tell them apart.


Anonymous said...

Tina 10/10
Sarah 1/10

The Gentleman said...

Palin was a good sport indeed, but seriously I can’t see how being ridiculed on tv should be considerate a positive quality for someone who wants to prove to be able to eventually lead the US.
I just don’t get it…
On Amy and Tina (and Alec too) there are really no more words… actually we should made up new words just to describe such awesomeness… like when there is something simply too good we could just say “That movie was Fey-tastic” or when an actor steal a scene we could say “he/she totally poehler it”
Btw I also think it should be fair to recognize (as Tina itself did last Friday on Letterman) that most of the sketches and jokes are written by Seth Myers… he’s fey-tastic too! (see.. it totally works!)

Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken...ehm I mean typed :P
Gentleman I'm with you all the way in reference to what was above-mentioned. AWESOME SHOW ...Tina and Amy ROCK! Tina and Alec on the other hand ... well they 30 ROCK :D

danamitey said...

Is Sarah checking out Tina's boobs?
cause that is what I see in the still you choose

Vikki said...

I laughed so hard watching Amy rap (while so very pregnant, no less) that I thought I might fall off of my chair. My 3 yo daughter came running from another room, crawled on my lap and watched with me. She had no context AT ALL but she laughed hysterically...especially at the moose! Beautifully done.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

You summed it up perfectly, DS!

Why you hatin? said...

I disagree.

Amy stole the show, for sure, but Palin's appearance was funny. You're just too partisan to be objective.

Ashley said...


You know what? I love Tina Fey, too.

But I think Sarah did one hell of a lot better than Lorne or Alec, who were OBVIOUSLY reading off of a prompter. Alec Baldwin, despite his idiocy, can actually act. He hardly bothered to look at Sarah Palin while he was OBVIOUSLY reading his lines, which was incredibly unprofessional and behavior I'm sure he would not extend to people of his own ideological stamp.

I enjoyed Amy's rap immensely and you know what? It takes character, which Sarah Palin has, to go to a place that makes fun of you on a weekly basis and play along on the joke. Is there any similar 'playing along' on the Liberal side? John McCain and Sarah Palin have a sense of humor. Obama and Biden do not--not about themselves.

I used to enjoy this site very much. But if you think every Lesbian who enjoys your site is a card-carrying Democrat, you are wrong. But, by all means, play to your base. It's your site and you should say what you want. (A right under our American Constitution and something real people have fought and died to defend).

I won't be back and you can say good riddance. I will say the same.

Take care and keep up the good work of bringing humor to this world, which is in dire need of it. You're very funny and I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

To Ashley who won't be back:
There is a clip somewhere online of Joe Biden on a news show watching the parody of himself at the debate on SNL. The man could not stop laughing! He had the giggles that would not quit.
I think he can take a joke, too.

J9 said...

I thought the whole premise of SNL this week was awesome! I liked that Palin came on to a show to poke fun at herself. I LOVED Tina, Amy and even Alec who was reading the cues. I still didn't vote republican (absentee ballot), and SNL wouldn't have changed my mind in either direction. I found it entertaining, which is the entire point of the show.
Snark away!

eb said...

I think Obama has a great sense of humor about himself. Did you see his stand up gig at the Al Smith dinner? The bit about him being from Krypton was very funny.

Why is it that people on the right always bring up 'those who have died for your right to say what you've said?' As if you should censure yourself out of respect for those who have died. Seems to me it would be completely disrespecting them if you censure yourself out of respect for them considering they died for your right to not have to censure yourself.

Just sayin.

KPEG said...

I thought the rap was hilarious..and the fact that Sarah Palin just sat there, having a good time while she was being made fun of, proved that either, a: yeah, she's REALLY that stupid, or b: yeah, she is REALLY a good sport...

Either way, I thought she looked pretty hot...if only she wouldn't talk.

Anonymous said...

Oh, My Goodnesss!!!
That was unreal!!

Amy Poehler is an amazing rapper!!
and the gun fire was hilarious too.

I can only imagine what her kid will be
like, washed over with all that comedy!!

I'm still cryin' from laughin'!!

belledame222 said...

It really is uncanny, isn't it?

and yeah, good sport, but the whole bit where "that's not how my press conferences WOULD HAVE GONE"--joke's on you, Sarah: it still looks -really bad- that you don't do 'em.

belledame222 said...

But if you think every Lesbian who enjoys your site is a card-carrying Democrat, you are wrong.

dude, Palin just came out today explicitly against gay marriage, but by all means, keep voting for the people who are actively working to keep us second-class citizens.

Give me a break said...

Oh right, belledame222. Because gay marriage is the most important issue in this country.

nimhyea said...

yeah I also wanted to give some props to Seth Myers! As 'the gentleman' noted he has been credited by Fey and others as having written a lot of the Palin material. Awesome writing, awesome performance by all even Palin herself -- you can tell she's got groove. Doesn't make her any more qualified to be VP though...

Anonymous said...

gimme a break...Obama and Biden don't give a rat's ass about us, either...they just want our votes.

Dani said... the end it was just another reminder of why it's so appropriate that she is the governor of Alaska.

So I don't know if that was about Alaska or maybe disproportioned sympathy but I'm from Alaska and... I really don't want her back here. :(