Monday, October 13, 2008

And the winners are...

Thanks to everyone (all 124 of you!) who entered the “Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan” CD giveaway. If I had 124 copies, I'd give you all one. I mean it. For serious. And thanks so much for sharing your stories, too. See, I told you lesbians love Sarah. Via the random number generator doodad, the winners are:
  • Allison
  • J9
  • Penny Cillin
  • AGM
  • Ravaj

Congratulations! And if you didn't win, don't worry, more giveaways are coming. Please enjoy the music.


J9 said...

You can't tell, but I am doing a happy dance all over my office! Thank-you Ms. Snarker, and the random number doodad too! Most especially, thank-you Sarah! You are truly a woman who rocks!


ravaj said...

you mean this ravaj? wow. thank you! must be some kind of karmic balancing for all the nigella pages i perused in my mama's kitchen this month :-)

where do i go to collect the goodies?

Penny Cillin said...

Rad! Now I can listen to Sarah while I dream about the premier of 30 Rock.

So. Totally. Excited!