Thursday, December 08, 2022

Pre-L: “Last to Know” (304)

It’s High Gay Holiday season on TLW: GQ, which means it’s the Halloween episode. Honestly, I can’t remember. Has The L Word ever had a Halloween episode? Or costumes? I mean, they made a music video with Snoop Dogg, but dress up like an avocado? I mean I remember Jell-O wrestling and circus tent trauma. But not Halloween.

1. Pleated high-waisted jeans? Haven’t lesbians suffered enough for fashion?

2. If she can’t end up with Tasha, I approve of this very much instead.
3. The original L Word did Max dirty and we all know it. So this is a welcome mea culpa. Welcome back, Daniel.
4. If I was Dani, I would have hidden my Latina Lesbian Zoe Kravitz bestie from my friends for three years, too.
5. Like, I would have remembered if they had costumes like this in the past. I’m pretty sure.
6. They named her Taylor because of all the lesbian Swifties, right?
7. Dude, you pissed in your girlfriend’s ex-fiancée’s hallway. Maybe ease up on the judging. But the James Dean/Rebel Without a Cause look is one many a lesbian should steal next Halloween.
8. Breakups are hard, yo. Honestly, we all could just use a really good hug. I get it.
9. We stan a realistic, age-appropriate relationship.
10. This felt…right. It actually felt right. More shows should apologize for their past problematic storylines on air.
11. Whereas this? Oh, Shane.


jimbo26 said...

Useless info - 304, last three numbers of my Armed Forces number .

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Max back even for a short apology. I think Micah will find a good mentor in him. Thanks for sharing this.

Carmen San Diego said...

The original could have used a thanksgiving episode but I’m glad they finally did a holiday one