Friday, December 02, 2022

My Weekend Crush

Start the week with Fleetwood Mac, end the week with Christine McVie. Her sudden passing Wednesday is a reminder that the music that moves us stays with us always. While it was easy to joke about the group’s legendary interpersonal entanglements (most of which played to the public through song, much to our eternal gratitude), McVie was a pilar in a group filled with people destined for pedestals. Her songwriting was clear, heartfelt, urgent. And while her voice may not have the witchy magic of her iconic co-worker Stevie Nicks, it had essential clarity and pop perkiness that helped Fleetwood Mac become one of the most sonically layered groups of our time, and really any time. And then of course, there were the “Glee” covers. Fleetwood Mac’s catalog played as the score to so many pivotal Brittana moments. So those on The Good Ship will never forget how McVie’s words nestled deep into our, and Brittany and Santana’s, hearts. And, like with Glee, Fleetwood Mac’s heated personal drama has faded with time. And what’s left is the music and the emotions. Songbirds only get sweeter with time. Thanks for the music, Christine. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Hands down one of the best covers from Glee. I revisit it often. SO pure.

Carmen San Diego said...

I agree with anonymous up here, one of the top 3 best covers from Glee.