Monday, April 19, 2021

Music Monday: The Story Edition

I’m going to take a few blog bereavement days this week. I’m actually headed back to work this week after taking two weeks off for bereavement. The death was close, but complicated – and honestly not really the kind where condolences are as much for grief as much as for the truly crap circumstances around everything. But it’s still been quite emotionally taxing, and so I offer a few days of Vacation Vixens in lieu of normal posts to acclimate myself back to working and all that capitalist jazz. For today, please enjoy this blast from queer entertainment past. It was 10 years ago last month that the episode with Callie & Arizona and The Song happened. While it’s hard to outdo Brandi Carlile at her own song. But goodness if (pre-out) Sara Ramirez doesn’t give it the old Broadway try. Happy Monday, kittens.

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Carmen San Diego said...

My condolences DS
Hugs if you’d like them...