Thursday, April 01, 2021

Gender Fuck Thursday: Janelle the Crooner

I know this is just an advertisement. I know Ralph Lauren has just gathered a bunch of extremely attractive people and put them in some beautifully tailored clothing and then shot them in black-and-white on a faux Casablanca set. I know it takes a full 3 minutes and 7 seconds for Janelle Monae and her tuxedo to show up. I know this is just a 20-minute exercise in capitalism. But, goodness, do I not care. (And no, that is not some setup to an April Fool’s joke, honest.)

What this is is an appreciation of a very specific aesthetic. How have we not seen Janelle the Crooner before? She wears a tux impeccably. She sings like a timeless angel. Like a person this easy on the eyes and ears should already have her own dedicated big band. Maybe Janelle can do a whole album of standards, with her own very cool, very diverse live swing band behind her. Or, write her own as she performs here as well. Honestly, I would pay a lot of hard-earned post-pandemic money to see that live on stage. Heck, I’d pay a lot just to see Janelle stand still in that tux on stage. So, yeah, advertising works.

Honestly, I highly recommend watching the whole 20 minutes. Suspenders show up at the 16-minute and 16-second mark. You’re welcome.

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Carmen San Diego said...

I’d buy Janelle’s album of standards