Thursday, March 17, 2011

All of these lines across my face

Usually when actresses also sing, I cringe. Do they really have enough talent to stretch across the multi-hyphenate actress-singer? And usually the answer is a resounding no. Some are just exceptionally mediocre at both (cough, J-Lo, cough). Others try admirably with mixed results. (Oh, Gwyneth, I loved “Landslide,” but you’re no Loretta Lynn.) But then there are those who deserve the hyphen and then some. In fact, they’ve got too much talent for a simple hyphen to contain. They’re your Judy Garlands. Your Barbra Streisands. Your Kristin Chenoweths. And then, there is our Sara Ramirez. Heavens, that girl can sing. Like, really, really, really sing. Of course, you knew this already since she got her start on Broadway. She went to Juilliard School. And there’s always that Tony on her mantel in case you still don’t believe.

So it’s only for the sheer power of Sara’s voice that I plan to watch the very special “Grey’s Anatomy” musical episode March 31. I’m not a Grey’s watcher (though no disrespect to those who do – sexy people in scrubs are all good). But I do enjoy the Callie and Arizona coupling and I’ve kept an eye on what’s happening with their impending bundle of joy. The previews for the musical episode look crazy emotional and then there’s Callie ominously singing through the hallways.

Wild guess, but I think something bad happens.

To promote the musical episode, and as a generous gift to the universe, Sara sang a song from the episode at The Grove earlier this week. It was live, unedited, unAuto-Tuned. And it was perfect – flaws and all. She apparently did two takes. I rather prefer the first, especially when her voice breaks.

Though, as a public service, here is the second take shot up close. You know, just in case you want to count Sara’s pores. Those are some gorgeous pores.

I love Brandi Carlile’s music anyway. But to hear the unbridled sexy that is Sara put so much emotion into what is ostensibly a big lesbian anthem is pretty otherworldly.

OK, “Grey’s Anatomy.” I’m in. Bring on the melodrama. Just let Sara sing.

p.s. How do I get this job? I’d apply more than a little gloss to those lips.

[Photo via weltintoweeds Flickr]


Wrongway said...

Couldn't sleep tonight, and this was like a lullabye!

Thanks Dorothy!


Unknown said...

i'm not a grey's fan by any means, but i love me some sara ramirez. i saw her in spamalot when it previewed in chicago, she earned that tony all the way! and her acceptance speech was adorable.

Norma Desmond said...

Considering my minor twitter freak-out fest after seeing this live(which you had the distinct privilege of being a witness to), you probably already know how I feel about this post... In case you don't, it makes my stomach all fluttery and makes *me* very, very happy.

Anonymous said...

I don´t watch Grey´s Anatomy because, as a med school student, watching all those over-the-top cases, transplantations of organs from head to toe during the same operation and pathetic deaths with background music (not so pathetic in real life) it all makes me mad sometimes. So,I simply can´t watch Grey´s. But hearing Sara Ramirez sing makes me forget all the knowledge I have - about surgery, internal medicine, oncology. Maybe, I even don´t know how to count to 10 right know...:)So, in the name of Sara´s voice (and lip gloss)and beacuse of Calzona, I´ll watch musical episode.And cry, probably. Marta

Lisa said...

Oh, Crap. Something happens to Callie. She and Arizona are the only ones missing from the docs surrounding the table, and Marc runs in dramatically to the crowd.

Not to mention that I'd recognize those nails anywhere. (How CAN an orthopedic surgeon keep them so perfect? lol)

Sara's voice is nothing short of angelic, even when she hits those throaty lows.
Makes me cry every time she sings.

tlsintx said...

and that's a hard as hell song...
she's extra awesome

Emily said...

I've always wondered how those people get that kind of job. Like, I would die to hold Lady Gaga's umbrella. Or apply lip gloss to a variety of people. Seriously, my dream job.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the posting~

i thought she looks like
another person
when i was watching
the first video, compare to
grey's, then
the second video also
gave to me different feeling.
it looks like same moment but
different view point?
to me, it gives totally different
feeling, i don't know why?

very refreshing video,
thanks again!! nice day~

jenn levo said...

“I love Brandi Carlile’s music anyway. But to hear the unbridled sexy that is Sara put so much emotion into what is ostensibly a big lesbian anthem is pretty otherworldly.”

That’s a pretty funny quote DS and it makes sense, but really “The Story” was written by a dude… not Brandi and not for Brandi, so I think calling it a Lesbian Anthem might be a stretch. Sure, it can be co-opted as such, but by no means should it be defined as such. Ostensibly is correct.

Sara Ramirez did a great job though. kudos

RiverGirl114 said...

Unfortunately for me, I usually read your blog from my blackberry since I can't read it from work, so I can't see the videos until later (when I get home and play them repeatedly). Hearing Sara sing in other things, I have to agree - that girl can sing. Damn can she sing! I'm thrilled for the Grey's episode simply because I only watch the show for the sake of Calzona, and this episode is "Callie-centric". Any excuse the see Sara Ramirez really... Beautiful voice, and legs that go on for days!

LiteraryVice432 said...

Dammit. They only have someone walking around, staring like that if they're dead. It's a signature.

Unknown said...

I love this women, sara is my idol! Your PS made me laugh! I would love that job too and i hate gloss! xx.

M. said...

I saw Ellen Pompeo on the Ellen show and she said that the person being operated on is going to sing so.. my god what the hell happened to Callie??!

Anonymous said...

Love. Her. Wow.

Hanna said...

Wow, that is sooo good! I have been listening it constantly since I read about it here last night. She is incredible. Love how passionate she is. Thank you, Dorothy!

Patricia said...

I wouldn´t dare to speculate about her private life. But she is in love indeed!

Anonymous said...

In love with who?

Anonymous said...

Talented woman...