Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Mare of Television

We can add Kate Winslet to the long list of A-list actresses to play a “Sad Detective” on television. Sad/gloomy/dour say what you will, but it’s often darn good television - especially when the smart female detective gets to do smart things on screen. Here Kate appears to be a former high school sports star who is now a Sad Detective in her same small town in "Mare of Easttown." But a new case gets her out of her gloom, maybe. Anyway, I’m going to watch it because, again, I have an unhealthy love of crime shows with female leads. Plus, after getting Saoirse Ronan to (SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED AMMONITE) sit on her face, well - I feel like I owe her one.


Carmen San Diego said...

Kate has taken a really interesting career turn

Anonymous said...

Even if this show turns to utter ratshit (which is doubtful based on the first two eps) I’d still watch for Winslett’s tour de force here. Gah she is just glorious. And whilst not seeking to disparage others in the spotlight in this age, it’s refreshing how she hasn’t fucked up her face. I’ve actually only seen her in one role before this (yes the face sitting one.) She kind of passed me by which is probably weird given I’m from the UK.

I must go seek out her back catalogue. But not the boat one...

PS Belated Congrats on the 15th anniversary