Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wonder(fully) Laughing Woman Wednesday

It’s probably not the best sign when the gag reel for the new Wonder Woman movie is better than the actual Wonder Woman movie. But, look, I’ll take what I can get at this point after the disappointment that was “Wonder Woman 1984.” And while Steve Trevor’s mysterious presence in the sequel was its main and overwhelming problem (look, who amongst us hasn’t wanted their long-dead boyfriend back - except all of us lesbians of course), Chris Prine’s presence in the blooper montage is actually fairly delightful. But it’s most delightful because of Chris’s reaction to Gal Gadot’s giggle. Though, to be even fairer, the gag reel’s appeal is all about Gal’s giggle. Wonder Woman defeated by laughing fits? Yeah, I’d watch a whole movie of that. But I must insist - despite everything I’ve said about Chris Pine’s loveliness - that Steve Trevor remains dead in any and all future installments.

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Carmen San Diego said...

It did have problems but Wonder Woman 84 wasn’t that bad, people are really really hard on it.