Thursday, August 02, 2018

The (Post-Apocalyptic) Future Is Female

This is the future that lesbians want. No, seriously, when the shit goes down I want these three women coming at it to kick its ass. Also maybe Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson – but let’s not get greedy.

Yesterday the first official look at the new “Terminator” film was released and it featured its stars original badass Linda Hamilton back where she should be as Sarah Connor, San Junipero’s wallflower Mackenzie Davis as newly swolle soldier/possible android/what do those markings mean and newcomer Natalia Reyes. The future is female indeed!

Also, is this what the kids today call a Glow Up?

Also also, seriously, what is up with these lines on her body?

Of course, this revelation has caused manbabies to lose their shit. Three women and no men? What is this? Anarchy? Socialism? Impossible because men are the true heroes of the universe, duh? Oh, delicious, delicious angry fanboys.

Now, their ire is ridiculous, as always. Arnold will be back, of course, as The Terminator. And the film also stars Diego Boneta (as Natalia’s character’s brother) and Gabriel Luna (as a Terminator). So that seems like a lot of dudes, so relax dudes, you will be represented. You know, unlike the representation of LGBTQ people, women, people of color and people with disabilities onscreen in Hollywood. (Though, I will note that half of the lead cast appears to be Latinx, which is kind of wonderful for a big budget franchise like this.)

Even more indicative of how bro-tastic this movie will still be – despite its three prominent female leads – is what’s happening behind the camera. T6 will be executive produced by “Terminator” franchise creator James Cameron. It will be directed by “Deadpool” auteur Tim Miller. And it will be written by “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” scribe David Goyer.

So, yeah, relax fellas, you’re extremely well represented in a world struggling to fight against the dystopian robot future of your own making. Please, just let us enjoy all of these ladies in their tank tops and badassery.


Ken said...

I am skeptical as to whether we really need yet another sequel to this franchise.... but Linda Hamilton is a badass of epic proportions.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I don’t know how many times I did the “rewind and watch again” with that T2 scene of Linda cocking the shotgun with one hand
I’ll be there opening night.

Linda said...

But why shouldn’t we be greedy? Bring on Cate and Tessa!

Nici75 said...

Confession: never watched any of the Terminator movies, but... I have a whole folder full of screencaps from all of them, with none of the male actors in sight. That folder will soon be added to :)

Tech Gyrl said...

The Lines on her Body

Tech Gyrl said...

Can be attributed to Photoshop