Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tank Top K-Stew

Kittens, kittens. Did we know this most gay-cred (gay + sacred) of images existed? No, neither did I. But here it is, Kristen Stewart with a bunch of Hooters waitresses back in 2013. That’s less than a year after she warpped the “Twilight” series and some four years before she “so gay, dude”-ed herself while coming out in her “Saturday Night Live” monologue. I feel like a visit to Hooters and all its tank tops is some kind of truth serum for burgeoning queer ladies. And, hoo-boy, did K-Stew let her truly gay colors shine through.

I mean, come on, she isn’t even really trying to hide it.


Anonymous said...

Please do not erase bi-sexuality and force people into boxes that don't exist. Kristen Stewart openly described herself as bisexual in an interview. Implying she is scared to pronounce herself as gay is an insult to bisexuals. Yes we do exist in spite of peoples false notions that we are confused or scared. I expect better.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Anonymous, her words were “Because I'm hosting SNL and I'm, like, so gay, dude.” So bring it up with K-Stew

Heidi said...

Was just hoping to find something simple and fun that would make me feel good. Found it. Thank you!

Panty Buns said...

I am loving these photos of Kristen Stewart having a great time!!!!!!
Now I'm more curious about the upcoming 2019 movie she'll be in titled 'Against All Enemies' - about the targeting of Jean Seberg by the F.B.I's COINTELPRO.
I'm also eager to see her cast in romantic roles with some of the female actors I admire!


Helena said...

Thank you for photos that makes me happy :)