Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Back By Design

Am I sick of all the reboots in Hollywood? Yes, OMFG, yes. Am I still kinda excited they might be rebooting “Designing Women?” Also yes. I think Julia Sugarbaker & friends could be a righteous hoot in 2018. I mean, just last year I was longing for these ladies to come back and read Trump the riot act. Granted, she already did. But, this would be on a much, much (much, much, much) grander scale. Also, you’ve got to think at least one of those designing women would be a gay lady in this day and age. I mean, if the writers don’t make Suzanne Sugarbaker a lesbian this time around, well, I might have to go all The Terminator on them. I mean, she already knew a bunch of lesbian facts back in the 80s. I think she’d be an expert by now.


Helena said...

We really, really, really need Julia Sugarbaker right now.

Anonymous said...

I am also a little sick of these reboots BUT if they wanted to pick up 34 years later when Kate & Allie figured out they were soul mates, I'd be alright with that :-)