Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Tea, Cake & Consent

Two things: One, I love Aisha Tyler. She’s just so fantastic. And two, I cannot believe in this age of The Reckoning and #MeToo (buh-bye Les, Harvey, Kevin, Matt, Louis, et al those garbage men) that we still have to explain consent to people. Consent is not hard. With anything else – be it tea or cake – it’s pretty easy to figure out if someone is consenting. But somehow when it comes to sex all of a sudden folks who definitely know better seem baffled. But in the end, it’s as simple as communicating with your partner, listening to what your partner says and never assuming you know what he, she or them want or will allow. Not that hard really. Now, who wants some cake? With tea, only if you want it, obviously.


Helena said...

This an absolutely brilliant way to explain the concept of consent.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Consent is so important. But I am confident that guys get it, they just pretend not to because it’s in their best interest to act this way