Thursday, July 19, 2018

Let's Go, Lesbians!

Look, there’s not a lot to feel delighted about these days. But I am genuinely delighted by the “Let’s Go, Lesbians!” meme. Like, I can’t help but find it oddly delightful. Or maybe I just wish I could run around the streets like Billy Eichner with a “pack of wild lesbians.” I mean, wouldn’t that be the ultimate lesbo street cred?

Now, granted, one could take issue with the idea that there is something inherently funny about a pack of wild lesbians running through the streets. But, lez b honest, a pack of wild lesbians running through the streets is pretty funny. Plus would not thinking so only perpetuate that humorless lesbian trope?

Vulture has been so kind as to rate all the “Let’s Go, Lesbians!” memes. I have to agree, the first “Avengers”-meme remains the best. Like, obviously, we’re all a bunch of superheroes jauntily running to save the day, duh.

Though, it’s hard to beat the original. Watching “Billy On the Street” and his pack of wild lesbians is a treat not to be missed. Plus, I love that us lesbians are being used as the ultimate arbiter of who is sexier. Though, uh, what’s up with any lesbian who thinks Ronald Reagan is sexier than Adam Scott? That’s a point off your lesbo street cred license, for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! I needed that this morning!