Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Tank Top Tuesday

I greatly enjoyed “Thor: Ragnarok” for many reasons. 1) All the 80s awesomeness. 2) All the Cate Blanchett awesomeness. 3) All the Tessa Thompson awesomeness. While I’d seen Tessa in other things, it really wasn’t until Ragnarok where I realized the true scope of her awesome. Like, whoa, that’s a lot of awesome. Sadly while her Valkyrie is meant to be canonically bi, you certainly couldn’t tell from the film. Those scenes were left on the cutting room floor, alas. We can only hope she returns to Thor-land and makes it explicit this time. Or, better yet, just give Tessa’s Valkyrie her own damn film. Tessa is clearly ready. Clearly.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I may have watched those gifs for... a while

Unknown said...

I would pay to watch Valkyrie drink and weave her way across the galaxy. I’d pay a lot.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Dorothy? Another gif containing 'arm-p*rn'? You are incorrigible :) Thank you!