Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My My, How Can I Resist You?

I want to live inside this picture. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want to live inside a never-ending kiss between Meryl Streep and Cher? I mean, it’s Meryl freakin’ Streep and freakin’ Cher. Now, lest you think Meryl and Cher’s romance is a new one courtesy “Mamma Mia! 2,” let me set you gay in a correct way (you know, the fabulous alternative to straight).

Some of you may remember the two actresses first worked together back in 1983 on “Silkwood.” Meryl plays the eponymous nuclear whistleblower Karen Silkwood and Cher played her lesbian roommate and coworker Diana Scarwid Dolly Pelliker. Yes, really, her lesbian roommate. And they did stuff like this in the movie. Ah, “roommates” – that old chestnut.

But, take heart, because it wasn’t just a one-time thing that got rekindled on the red carpet 35 years later. Meryl and Cher canoodled in the interim. Back in 2003 they got touchy feely at the premiere for – of all things – “Stuck on You.” Believe it or not, they both have small roles in the film. Obviously, they loved each other’s company to appear in a Farrelly brothers film. You know, like “roommates.”

Look, all I’m saying is Meryl and Cher are the couple we never realized we desperately needed. So thanks, ladies, for reminding us of that old “roommate” magic.


Helena said...

Oh yes just what I need for today :) Thank you DS.

Liz said...

So wonderful :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Silkwood is a great movie, though just to be correct- Cher played Dolly Pelliker and Diana Scarwid was the actress who played her lover :)

Karen said...

I've never really been a fan of Cher's though. Her music or her persona.