Monday, July 30, 2018

Charlie's Gay-ngels

All the lesbian, bi, trans, queer women, who’re independent – throw your hands up at me! Last week news of the new “Charlie’s Angels” film reboot was unleashed. And none of other than “so gay, dude” Kristen Stewart has been cast as one of the trio of Angels. Yes, you read that right, an out queer woman has been cast in one of the most iconic (and campy, don’t forget campy) female action franchises of all time.

I watched some of the original series, albeit in repeats (Kate Jackson, my babygay eyes saw you). And I unabashedly loved the movie adaptations from the early 2000s (even though they were, objectively, not good). And I think I tried to watch the TV series reboot from the early 2010s (and it was, objectively, quite bad).

But there’s just something about the alchemy of bringing a bunch of women together to do kick-ass things in an outrageous way that just appeals to my inner pop culture fangirl. Also, there was this scene from the Cameron-Drew-Lucy franchise that left an indelible impression.

The reboot film is being directed and co-written by Elizabeth Banks, who will also give the world its first female Bosley. Besides K-Stew it will star Naomi Scott – who most recently played the Pink Ranger (a.k.a. not the gay lady one) in the new “Power Rangers” film and will star as Jasmine in Disney's upcoming “Aladdin” remake – and British relative newcomer Ella Balinska.

Now this group of Angels skews quite young. K-Stew is the oldest by a bit at 28. And I have no idea if they’ll make her Angel queer – but I certainly hope they give it real consideration. Because it is 2018 and if a racist game show host can be president, then we deserve at least one gay Angel in return. I mean, look at K-Stew. She’s the andro-butch Angel of young queer girls dreams as is. Make it so, Hollywood.

p.s. And while I’m asking for things, cab we get a Beyoncé, Janelle Monae and Hayley Kiyoko to do a new version of “Independent Woman” for the movie? K, thx.


Helena said...

Such joyous news on a Monday morning , the angels made me happy today :)

Karen said...

Enough with reboots Hollywood !!! Can we try something new that we haven't seen before? Roseanne, Murphy Brown, I hear Frasier may get a reboot. Old school Hollywood be better: be original, we want new fresh stories you are getting taken to the cleaners by Netflix.

southernsara said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who had a crush on Kate Jackson as a kid!

Carmen SanDiego said...

I would preferred they kept the Asian Angel but then again I would have preferred something original, not a reboot...