Thursday, July 26, 2018

The MXfits

Honestly, I could watch a whole series of this. In six short minutes (an a little change) it crafts compelling characters, starts engaging plotlines, touches on relevant issues, and displays more humor and heart than all of the “Transformers” movies put together. And it’s a reminder that we need to give more diverse artists the chance to shine. The short comes from Brazilian filmmaker Natalia Leite, who made her feature film debut in 2015 with “Bare” (a.k.a. the film where Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron falls in love with Paz de la Huerta). She worked with her mento, “Vida” creator Tanya Saracho, on the project. And the professionalism shows.

Each time I hear of another totally unknown white guy who is being handed the reigns to a major motion picture franchise, I sigh. Sure, they’ll probably do fine. But you never know if a woman of a POC or an LGBTQ person might be fucking amazing instead – if only you give them a chance.

And, guess what, they can. Because “Kiki and the MXfits” is a short film cleverly crafted like a series trailer. And Leite has said she would be open to turning it into a long-form series. So get on it, Hollywood. I need to find out what Kiki and her MXfits get up to next.


Anonymous said...

Loved it!! Now I want to watch a long version or series!! This was just a tease.

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic.

Helena said...

This is absolutely wonderful, and you are right we can do with a series.