Friday, July 27, 2018

My Weekend Vote

Gosh, I miss Michelle Obama. But, man, does it only make me love her more when she spearheads a project to get people to register and vote, called When We All Vote. I have never understood people who do not vote. This is your chance. This is how democracy works. And democracy is not a spectator sport. And for everyone who says “My vote doesn’t matter,” let me remind you about the 79,646 votes in three states who put us where we are today. In a country of 325.7 million people that is nothing. Yet if each one of those 79,646 people had decided to stay home instead, or better yet if 79,647 Democratic voters had decided to go to the polls instead, we would be in an entirely different world. So get registered, check if your registration is current and get your ass to the ballot box for every election. Not just the midterms. Not just the presidential years. But each election matters and is your chance to mold the world you want to see. Because if you don’t, you are letting those 79,646 (and then some) yahoos decide your fate instead. Happy weekend and exercise your right to vote, all.


Anonymous said...

You don't understand why people don't vote? Well, let me explain in 1 word: desillusion.

About 60% of people here (in france) have stopped voting because, it doesn't matter from which side they are, politicians are all the same: Separated from our reality, greedy and corrupted. They vote laws that makes our life harder and harder but that they don't apply to them and their family, they make people more and more racists by their stupid and out-of-reality POV and they protect each others from prison. In fact, they are useless and toxic.

Now, I understand that if more than 30% of a nation don't vote, it's not really a democracy anymore. But God, I'm sorry, even for me, it is now beyond my capacity...They disgust me.

Ben said...

Sorry but only the naive vote. It's useless. Lesser of two evils bs. The "parties" are ultimately controlled by the same interests.
Democratic, republican it doesn't matter. You and me are screwed. Obama dropped more drone bombs than his predecessor, his first three days into office missing its target and blinding a civilian. Oh, and he murdered many more innocent women and children via drone. And bragged about it too!!! Nobel peace prize!! Haha. He is responsible for drone murdering an American citizen and his teenage son!!! Hello!!! He set the precedent trump is utilizing yet you were all so smitten with an articulate black man you refused to see the reality! Libya anyone?
Obama was the most useless president in history. The least transparent admin ever! He went back on EVERY single campaign promise and was surrounded by Goldman Sachs stooges.
No do not vote this is most certainly not a democracy. All we have left is peaceful civil disobedience. Oh, and to get rid of the corporate banker owned "parties". A real media would help too, its embarrassing to watch these same fools who fawned over the drone murder king get hysterical with trump. And I detest trump but let's get real here, it's all a lie.

ebiker said...

Our vote matters in local elections but as long as we use the outdated electoral college, some couch potato in Ohio has more political power than I do in California. Ridiculous, since we pay the exact same federal taxes. It infuriates me that my vote is diluted and that rural redneck vote is magnified. I still vote (by mail) but realize part of my vote is an exercise in futility. To the poster who says there is no difference in parties, though, I disagree. Both are corrupt, but they have very different stances on the enviroment, etc. Do you want a coal-breathing future or a clean air future?

Ben said...

ebiker---I'm sorry you lose your voting power to those lesser people who live in fly over cities. I am sure it is insulting to you intellectual elites in California. You are so much more hip and relevant than the rest of us.

As far as the dualistic paradigm and the fake issues they pretend to support, sorry, it's all bs. Sure, the left feigns to support environmental rights and concern for nature yet they are spineless and absolutely useless when it comes to real, meaningful, action. Standing rock? Where was the congressional democratic power? Spineless cheerleaders for their corporate masters pretending to care. They don't. Both sides are controlled by the same power. It's a dog and pony show. Congress is a joke. We are in perpetual war for Christ sake---- coal-breathing future ? How much fossil fuel is our imperial war machine producing!?!? We are murdering innocent people all over the globe and helping Israel commit genocide and all you give a shit about is the air YOU breathe. I want a future where my country isn't murdering and invading for profit and constantly lying to me while robbing me via a fake bs banking system.

Anonymous said...

I’M WITH YOU DS!!!! ( I had to yell over the insanity)